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1975 AL REPLAY Stat Review

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1975 AL Replay Updates


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The 1970s, the resurgent decade of major league baseball, brought several tabletop baseball games to the market.  Most came and went quickly.  One stood strong for about two decades before closing the doors … Statis Pro Baseball by Avalon Hill [AH].  It started as Major League by Midwest Research in the early 70’s before AH bought the game and started producing seasons.  But in the end, the game couldn’t be sustained with the ongoing greed and battles that occurred between AH and the MLBPA.

The game is coming back thanks to many who refused to let this game die.  There are many who have continued to keep the game going in either creation of new player cards or at least the discussions about the game itself.  Names like Butch Wo, Derrick Beckner, Eric Cline, George Nebesnik and Brett Johnston populate several group and forum sites and some even have their own websites.  There are probably others, and I apologize for omitting your name if there is.  I listed only those that were quickly accessible.

This site is about the history and future of Statis Pro Baseball in all variations and a hope that an online league will come from this beginning. My goal is to make this little corner of the web a haven of all things Statis Pro.  I don’t want to take the place of the others, but build upon it.  Fans of baseball need a great tabletop game and I firmly believe Statis Pro fills that need.

— Chief

Posted 06/15/2010 by rick