Welcoming Me Back   1 comment

Hello.  You may remember me. I hope so.  My name is Statis Pro Baseball.  I was one of your very best friends when you were growing up.  Do you remember how we used to spend endless summer days flipping and shuffling those Fast Action Cards?

I remember how your face looked when you had those games where Ryan or Carlton would strike out 16 batters in a game.  How about that game when Schmidt hit three homers in one game?  And I still have a groove between first and second base when you had that Henderson kid stealing bases like crazy.  Do you remember how you would take that favorite team of yours and replay the entire season?  I still wonder how you could justify some of those ridiculous trades you made, but hey, we were having fun, right?

Somewhere along the way we got separated.  But now I’m back and better than ever.  I’ve missed you and, if you’re honest, you’ve missed me, too.  No worries.  Good friends can go for awhile without seeing each other and then pick right up where we left off.  Of course, I’ll have to get you up to speed on the changes I’ve undergone along the way.  Trust me, it’s all for the better. I’m not just a kids game anymore. I’m hoping the kids will still want to play, but I’ve been reconnecting with all my old friends, too.  We can still have fun like we did in the old days.

So if you’ve found yourself too busy with life and all the stresses it carries, it’s time to get away.  Come on, let’s go get reacquainted.  Step back into that manager’s uniform.  Let’s get you back on the FAC playing field.  PBs, CDs, OBRs, BDs … I still have them all, along with a bunch of added realism that will make you question why you ever walked away.  I still love you.  It’s ok.  I forgive you.   Now let’s play some BASEBALL!



Posted 06/15/2010 by statisprobaseball in Statis Pro

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  1. this is awesome news! i love this game. i’ve seen the newer versions that are out there and really like the changes that have been made.

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