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hi, my name is rick queary.  i’ve been a huge fan of Statis Pro baseball since the late 70s when my best friend introduced me to the game.  back then it was called Major League.  i was hooked the first time i played the 78 yankees against the 78 red sox.  those were great years for baseball and Major League (Statis Pro) was a great way to recreate ball games.

my passion for tabletop baseball grew.  i found myself gathering as many of the sets Avalon Hill [AH] would put out as possible.  in the late 80s the cards, and AH, seemed to take a turn for the worse.  they just didn’t seem right.  whether they had changed the formulas or what, i’m not sure.  i lost interest in Statis Pro and moved to Pursue the Pennant and then eventually Dynasty League.  while i’m still very heavily invested in the DLB game (i run a 12 year league and am involved in a couple of others), i’ve always longed to get back to Statis Pro.  i knew there were others that were continuing to create cards.

i’m sure in the future, i’ll get into the various versions that are now sold, but the one that stands out to me now, and the one i’ll discuss for today, is Statis Pro Advanced by Derrick Beckner.  he’s taken the game to a whole new level.  and to me, all the added bells and whistles could make it the most realistic (statistically accurate) game out there.  the first thing that Derreck did was take a look at the game engine itself.  it worked. the traditional 50/50 split was always lacking to me because the hitter would not always be half way in control.  better pitchers would always have a better chance of being in control.  the whole PB-ness, if there is such a word, of Statis Pro was a way that showed that variable.  a better pitcher would have a greater opportunity to dictate how the game would play out.  Derreck did take a look at how the PB ratings were generated and made some major overhauls.  honestly, i’m not sure of all he’s done or how he changed it up.  i do know that there are now several other ratings other than the normal 2-5 thru 2-9.

another factor he added was the l/r splits.  that was one of the weakest areas of the old Statis Pro and a main reason i found myself playing games like PTP and DLB.  controls are the most recent game facet that is wooing me back into the Statis Pro fold.  it had always bothered me that a player that rarely struck out could find himself striking out an absurd amount of times simply because there was a strike out pitcher on the mound.  an example i’ll give is Joe DiMaggio.  in 1941 he walked 76 times in over 600 AB.  that number would be somewhat realistic to see in the course of a replay.  however his 13 strike outs is remarkably low.  it would be HIGHLY unlikely that in a replay, using almost any tabletop game, would you see that low a number generated.  even if DiMaggio had 0 numbers for a potential strike out on HIS card, he’d more than likely still strike out at least double that amount off the pitchers cards.  Derreck has built controls into the game that would allow players like this to have strike outs convert to other type of outs. this is just ONE example of controls that have been added to the game.

i tried another game that has similar controls, but while those features seemed all well and good, there were other aspects about it that i just did NOT like.  so here i am delving back into the depths of the game that was my first love.  it was, and still is, an easy enough game to play.  it plays quickly, appears to be statistically accurate (more than ever before), and has added features that have hooked me again … just like it did when i was a 14 year old kid playing out those yankee/red sox series.

Derreck has several seasons available.  the cards can be purchased or you can buy a PDF of them and print them yourself.  teams are color coded according to their major league team colors.  or you can get black and white if you so choose.  i’ve never met Derreck though i’ve had several emails with him.  the bottom line is he’s a guy who is passionate about this game and he’s gone to great lengths to enhance the game.  maybe in the future i can do an interview with him to get more of his mind and future for the game.

meanwhile, i’m ready to get something going.  i’ve always been in love with baseball from the 70’s.  i have the ’74 set of Statis Pro Advanced and would love to get a league going.  maybe if there’s interest in a league, but not necessarily retro, i’d still be game.  but i’m ready.  it can be played out online so you no longer have to find a bunch of local friends (although that’s cool if you’ve got ’em).  most of my friends are now spread out across north america.  so online play is the way to go for me.  i do have a couple friends that i can play face-to-face and that’s just an added bonus.

i’d like to hear what YOU think about any of this.



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