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as in much of my life, TIME is a very valuable asset.  i’ve got the site up now, but it’s pretty bare-bones.  for those of you who have stopped by to see what all the hub-bub is about, you’ve probably been a bit disappointed.  truth be told, i’ve not really made any major announcements about this site.  i casually mentioned it, but nothing more than a one time statement on a forum.  the wider announcement of this site will come in the next week or two.  i need to put some more information, pictures, discussion points, and polls up before i start self marketing.  some of those ‘enhancements’ will be showing up this week.

i continue to remind myself WHY i’m doing this … it’s to build a gathering place for all things Statis Pro Baseball.   in the midst of that, i’d like to set up links where you can find variants of the games.  there are several that sell their cards.  while i may have a preference, and won’t mind sharing that, i will be putting links to all those (that i can find) that market the game.  lastly, i’m still hoping that there is enough interest, through this site and getting game name recognition out there to attract newbies, to get a league going.

so thank you for your patience while this site is still growing.  i have many forks in the fire, but this is one that is in the forefront of my mind and will get plenty of attention.  stop by frequently OR subscribe to this site and  you’ll automatically be updated on any changes.



Posted 06/21/2010 by rick in Statis Pro, Website

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