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it’s been a hectic two weeks.  my stepson became so ill he ended up at the hospital and then the next week i, too, became ill (mine was allergy related, but kicked my butt).  all this to say that i’ve been away, but i have not forgotten this site or my goals.

during the next week i’ll be adding some photos, links, and other miscellaneous stuff.  i still haven’t made the release of this site official yet.  when i do, i anticipate a rapid growth and viewership from great people who simply love the game of statis pro baseball (or the many permutations that have sprung up over the years).

until next time, enjoy your long holiday.  be patriotic.  love your country.  do a charitable deed for a fellow human being.  and play some baseball games!



Posted 07/03/2010 by rick in Website

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