* 1975 AL replay kicks off soon   Leave a comment

the replay will kick off soon.  i’ll add an asterisk in front of any post that has to do with the replay.  this way you can tell at a glance whether you want to read it or not (whether you care to read what’s going on with the replay).  i’ll be buying some business card stock tonight and planning on printing the first few teams of the AL along with some FAC (fast action cards for those new to this game).  here’s some upcoming games from the schedule.  i’ll be using the “as played scenario” with the exception of the yankees.  hey, i’m entitled.

April 7, 1975
Royals (Busby 0-0) @ Angels (Ryan 0-0)

April 8, 1975
Brewers (Slaton 0-0) @ Red Sox (Tiant 0-0)
Yankees (Medich 0-0) @ Indians (G.Perry 0-0)
White Sox (Wood 0-0) @ A’s (Blue 0-0)
Twins (Blyleven 0-0) @ Rangers (Jenkins 0-0)



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