* PRE-replay issues   2 comments

i highly recommend ordering the printed cards.  several reasons.  let me list out the problems i’ve encountered so far.

first there was the money of the avery business cards … i bought the pdf and thought i’d just print them out on my printer.  but the cards are EXPENSIVE.  well, comparatively, anyways.  $30 for 400 cards.  that means i’d be paying almost $75 just for the card stock.  fortunately i can print these out at home.

home printer is out of ink.  no worries.  we’ve got a color printer at work.  that’ll keep me from going to kinkos and paying something ridiculous.

but the color printer at work is a harsh task master.  it grabbed the stock and RIPPED it through the machine only to find the cards separating en route to the output tray and causing multiple jams within the machine.  30 minutes of tedious work and i had the machine ready to go again.  stupid me, i thought, it was because i had run a test sheet (second time through a machine) and thought the paper had just gotten brittle because of a dual pass.  so i tried again only to find the same result.  after another 30 minutes, and having to explain to a co-worker why i’m running business card stock through causing the jam and delaying HIS job, i gave up and sulked back to my office.

but i still wanted to get the opening series going.  i thought, “hey, i’ll just use the black and white printer in my office”.  yeah, i wouldn’t be able to see the red results easily, but at least i’d have something in hand and could get started tonight.  the first page printed great.  then the second one jammed.  after 20 minutes of unjamming THAT sheet i got the paper tray and everything back in place, but the printer wouldn’t print.  i looked at the manual.  all lights were lit up and staying on.  “that can’t be good,” i thought.  it wasn’t.  somehow in the process of unjamming my office printer, i killed it.  or avery killed it.  all i know is it’s dead.

so i have the FAC that worked earlier (pre-player card printing) and three sheets that somehow went through during all of this.  i spent nearly two hours and i’ve got 2 sheets of batters in color, 1 sheet of batters in b/w, and my FAC.  OH, and a dead printer in my office.  no, i’ve not told my boss that it’s dead or that i need to get a new one.  i’m holding off a bit on that.

all in all, buying pre-printed cards from Derrick is definitely the way to go.  now i know.



Posted 07/27/2010 by rick in 1975, Replay

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  1. sigh

    • and that’s exactly how i felt at the end of that day. it was a very frustrating day.

      thanks for your comment. check back often as many changes to the site are in the works and will soon be on display!

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