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well, my boss wasn’t too mad.  in my last blog i told you the disaster of trying to print my own cards.  i’m sure if i had a smaller, gentler, color printer things would have been fine. it still would have cost more in card stock than had i just bought the set, but it would have at least printed without problems.  in the process of me trying to “do it myself”, i killed my printer in my office.  it was just one of those wheels-off days where everything that could go wrong, did.  i talked to my boss about it later that day and she, being the tremendously great and awesome boss that she is, said, “it sounds like you used the machine the way it should have been used and IT failed.”  never mind the fact that i was using company equipment for a personal project.  either way, a new printer has been ordered (and i promise not to abuse it).

at the end of that frustrating day, i sent derrick an email requesting the printed 75 cards.  no more do-it-yourself chances for me.  from now on, i’m buying the card set directly from the master himself.  today i got an email saying they went in the mail.  so in a week or less, i’ll be flipping FAC and starting the American League replay of 1975.

i’ve said this multiple times, but the main purpose of this site and the replay will be to help gain some momentum in the statis pro baseball realm.  it was the game of my youth.  i spent countless hours playing the game.  i remember taping and re-taping my FACs because they were so worn out.  my goal is to see this game back as one of the go-to games on the market.  while there are probably four or five variants of this game currently being marketed, i continue to tout the version derrick beckner has created.

derrick took the old game, saw the weaknesses, saw the newly available stats (things that did not exist back in the 70’s for avalon hill), and rebuilt the game from the ground up.  the framework was already in place.  the structure itself, the actual gaming system, was solid.  the formulas needed tweaking and twisting.  the game flaws needed to be viewed and reviewed.  the enhancements needed to be put into place without making the game cumbersome.  over the last six years, that’s what derrick’s been doing.

if you’ve played statis pro baseball before … maybe decades ago … and are wishing you could relive those years, but with a more suitable game that rivals the current table top games, then statis pro advanced is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  do what i did, if you’re not sure … buy a PDF of a season.  take a look at the rules, the cards, the forum.  see for yourself the changes that have been made.  it’s no longer a straight number search.  there is now breakdowns for LH and RH batters and pitchers.  ballpark effects are built into the system.  additional controls for pitchers or batters who have anomalies (i.e. very few walks or a very high ratio of strike outs).  these are just some of the things that have been built into the game to generate a more accurate yet playable baseball game.

statis pro baseball has never looked so good.

now i’ll be racing home to check the mail every day.  c’mon mr. mailman!



Posted 07/30/2010 by rick in 1975, Replay, Statis Pro

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