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all i can say is, “wow!”

i ordered the 1975 statis pro advanced from Derrick Beckner and it arrived today.  i got home to find my USPS Priority Mail box waiting for me.  i quickly grabbed it and took it to my pseudo-office.  upon opening the box i found a bubble wrap envelope inside.  i carefully open the end and out slide all the stuff and then some!  FAC, charts, rules, and then … the card set in splendid color.  now all i had to do was pop the perf and sort ’em out.

* * * * * * * * *

ok, the evening is gone, but the cards are all separated, sorted, and banded (loosely, to gently hold together without bending the cards).

the cards look freakin’ fantastic.  this is my first printed set to by from Mr Beckner.  he does a splendid job on the print, the delivery (tracking was included in the shipping price), and providing everything i could have wanted.  christmas came early this year and i can hardly wait for tomorrow when the ’75 american league replay begins!



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