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i’ve never done a true league replay for a season.  i’ve always taken one team and played their season out. but this is the new statis pro advanced 1975 and i’m going to hammer out the American League over the next several months (years, more likely).

i laid the game out in my cramped pseudo office at home.  honestly, i hadn’t played SP in probably 17 years.  i’ve kept up with what’s been going on, but never really played a game after AH went belly up for  good on the game.  i had logged a good two thousand games or more from 79-93.  i’m not a novice.  but it had been awhile …

April 7, 1975
KCR 000 000 101 - 2  5  0
CAL 010 301 00x - 5 11  0

KCR: Busby, L (0-1) 6.0, Splittorff 2.0; Healy 9.0
CAL: Ryan, W (1-0) 9.0; Rodriguez 9.0

No homers for either team.
Nolan carried the Angels from the moment those famous words "play ball" were uttered
until the last out.  George Brett did nail two triples off the fireballer, scoring
both times, but he was the only Royal mustering any serious form of offense.  Defense
was tight for both teams.  Busby had a rough inning during the fourth; three hits
and a walk, three runs

this is my first replay, as stated above.  the most difficult thing i found was getting the rosters where they needed to be.  making sure the 25 men on the rosters for both teams were the ones that would be needed.  i’m using lineups as played, but i still have to contend with pinch hitters and relievers.  how do you all handle that?  help a brother out, please.

in regards to the game, it was like riding a bike.  the game flowed very close to the original.  i did fumble a bit with the new charts, but everything made sense and i didn’t stumble on any rules.  the only thing i may have done slightly wrong was on runner advancements on base hits.  it was the third or fourth time in the game before i realized there were charted results for hits off the pitchers card or results off the batters card.  i didn’t go back, i just carried on.  all in all, it felt GREAT flipping the FAC and feeling the rhythm of the game come back.  happy days are here again!



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