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but can a website be created overnight?  well, it could be done, but i don’t have the time to get it where i want in just one night.  so maybe it’s not exactly art, but it is a project that continues to mature, change, evolve … whatever word you want to throw on it.

the first game of the replay was played yesterday, but the replay is just part of this site.  the main portion of this site, i hope, will be to display the greatness of Statis Pro Baseball.  yesterday i sent out a questionnaire to one of the latest re-inventors of the game.  in the next few weeks i hope to have several interviews online along with some scans of older cards and discussion points of things that needed to change and what folks liked about the original game.

while the end look of this site is not yet in my scope, i do hope you or some of your fellow SP gamers will chime in.  you will help form the site to reach a tabletop baseball community and let them know the game is back and better than ever.



Posted 08/04/2010 by rick in Statis Pro, Website

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