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i announced the site yesterday and was shocked to see just how many took time to check out the site.   i hope you found what you were looking for  and also hope to find you visiting here often.  Statis Pro truly was and now IS (again) an excellent baseball simulation game.  if you’ve played it before, you no doubt know it’s unique game engine and the addiction that can occur from a flip of a FAC.

if you’ve not played it, you’re here for a reason.  it’s time to try it out.  maybe you’ve had your fill of strat-o-matic’s “stellar” customer service (can the phone guy speak english or without the attitude?).  maybe you’ve grown weary of flipping through charts, or waiting for cards, or exorbitant pricing.  sometimes people just get tired of the same ‘ol same ol’ and want some change in their lives.  so if you’re looking for a new game, you’ve come to the right place. i’ll leave it up to you to choose WHICH version of statis pro to try out.  but definitely give it a try.

my history of gaming goes back to the 70’s.  i’ve tried almost every game on the market.  many have been summarily pushed to the closet or gotten rid of via ebay or giftings.  i am a commissioner of a Dynasty League that is now in it’s 12th year.  so while i still play lots of baseball with another game, Statis Pro has always been my favorite.  NOW DLB will be my spare time while i spend my primary gaming time on Statis Pro Advanced.

this site will continue to grow and i hope you find yourself back here often checking it out.  i will be posting interviews i’ve conducted with a couple of the re-creators in the next few days.  it’s always neat to pick the brain of someone who’s looked at the game and tried to better it.  both of these guys HAVE done that.  i’m sure you’ll appreciate their responses to some of the questions i posed.

don’t forget to subscribe at the left side of your screen.  it’s simple to do and will send you announcements of new blog postings.  remember, any post that starts with * indicates that post is about the 1975 AL replay.

thanks again for visiting.  i’m looking forward to your thoughts and comments along the way.

oh, and the subject title is also a reference to a new song by Rick Alitzer of his album entitled:  I Want MINE: The Rise and Fall of $am.  its a great album and highly recommended.



Posted 08/05/2010 by rick in Statis Pro, Website

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