yeah, i love statis pro baseball … what of it?   2 comments

i went public with the blog four days ago.  i’ve been surprised at the interest in the site, or more specifically, statis pro baseball.  i know it’s the latter that is drawing the interest because that was the title (statispro baseball) and more and more people keep tuning in.

this was my first sports game.  i was 13 and had a friend who loaned me his game.  i kept it an extended period of time, but had to eventually give it back.  within a month after that, i had saved up enough dough from delivering newspapers in the afternoon after school to buy my own from the great Toys R Us.  having the money was one thing, talking my dad into driving me there was another.  after enough coercion and promises to mow the lawn without giving him some hassle over it, i landed the short drive so that i could, as he put it, “waste my money on some stupid game”.  whatever.  dads, what do they know?

what i did was spend countless hours playing the game.  with two sisters in the house that barged in my bedroom any time i want, i got creative.  i had a small desk that i was able to squeeze into my bedroom closet sideways.  i “borrowed” a small lamp from the garage that wasn’t being used.  BAM!  just like that i had myself a 3’x6′ office.  i could close the door and play without interruption.  and i did.  i can remember playing the 1980 season yankees.  my goal was to get that elusive no hitter for doug bird.  he only had like four hit numbers on his card.  before i’m done with this blog i’m going to see if i can dig up that card and see if my memory is as good as my … crap, what was i going to say?  oh, well.

so what about you?  if you’ve read my other blogs, you know that i strayed from SP to Pursue the Pennant (the allure of those walls still captivate me).  then SP and PtP were both gone.  sure i could have made my own cards, but with my ADHD i didn’t have the patience or determination to create my own cards.  so i continued moving from game to game.  i’ve been settled with Dynasty League for the last 16 years.  i run a league, i’m in another.  for awhile i was in three leagues.  i average about 250 games a year with DLB.  that probably won’t change much unless i can sway MY league into switching games.  that’s a little bit of the reason behind my replay with the 75 AL.  if i can prove to me that Statis Pro Advanced is everything it’s touted to be, i may be able to encourage a change later.  but until then, i’ll just enjoy the flipping of FACs on my own time.

now, i’ve heard from Bugs about his start into the world of tabletop baseball.  there is nothing better than escaping into an alternate universe where YOU can be a big league manager or GM.  i’ve told you my story, Bugs has told us his (in comment form) … what about YOU?

how did you get your start into tabletop sports games?  what game “took your sports virginity”?  are  you still playing?  and, most importantly, WHAT brings you to this site?  it’s time to hear from you?  just scroll back up and next to this blog title is a COMMENT button.  click on it and tell us about this passion of sports gaming and how it has impacted your life.

btw … the friend that loaned me his game?  he’s in my DLB league and has been playing DLB as long as i have, but he’s also in the middle of a statis pro great teams tournament with the set AH put out in the late 80’s.  he’s closely watching my replay and listening to me talk about it.  starting a league is something he and i would both like to see come to life.  this game can now be translated to an online game (with chat rooms) very easily.  all we have to do is gather the fans together and make a go at it.



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2 responses to “yeah, i love statis pro baseball … what of it?

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  1. I started playing board games back in the 60’s (yes I’m old) with Negamco Hockey. We had a hockey league in the neighborhood that used the old table top game that had the rods and metal players and we would play full seasons using a stop watch to time the games. I quickly wanted something more realistic. I had negamco football, baseball, golf and basketball also. I then went to Face-Off hockey which was a great game in the 70’s. I was in a bookstore in around 1980 and stumbled accross an Avalon-Hill Statis-Pro baseball. The last board game I would ever need! Though I also enjoyed Statis Pro basketball, especially the college ratings printed in ASD.
    After obtaining the 1961 SP baseball cards a friend and I completed a shortened replay of that season. A very accurate replay. Unfortunately my Yankees lost to the Reds in the series in 7 games. Who would have ever thought that Johnny Edwards would hit a game 7 winning home run?
    I have made my own cards for the 1919, 1924,1925 and 1934 seasons plus a few great teams here and there. My next project is the 1962 Sally league which had Pete Rose, Tommy Helms and others. This will take a while as i do alot of research especially on arm strength from the outfield and OBR. I’ve seen alot of cards out there that these 2 areas are weak in. I’m very interested in face to face play and would be interested in a league of that sort in the Atlanta area. A computer league would be ok, but I prefer teams from before 1970. I guess it’s the nostalgia!
    Happy Gaming!

  2. OK. So I’m in a divorce and everything I’ve ever earned has gone to lawyers. I’m in a condo with little furniture, no TV. My only connect to the outside is internet. You know what? I got out my old Statis Pro cards. I have 1962 plus “great teams” sets. (Sadly, I tossed my 1985 set when I packed up from my home of two decades.) Played a couple of games solo. Wow. It was every bit as nailbiting as watching a live game. Rallies. Clutch hits. Key strikeouts. Inopportune errors. Daring baserunning. Nearly every game has been like that. And in ’41 especially, not much base stealing but some teams built for going from first to third as standard procedure.

    I’ve downloaded and printed out the 1941 set from a link here. Great games. In both ’62 and ’41 there were good hitters, power pitchers, and it seems like a LOT of good fielding, especially in the ’40s. The leagues were smaller, talent less dispersed. So even the St. Louis Browns of ’41 or the ’62 Cubs can whoop up on anybody on any given day. (Look at the ’62 Cubs sometime — four HOFers and they were under .400 as a team!)

    Statis Pro faithfully recreates the game and that makes it a joy to play. Until the last out, you just never know.

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