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still lots going on.  people are checking out the site like crazy.  lots of folks wanting to know whats new, reading blogs, looking for more links … just remember this IS a work in progress.  the goal is a one stop website for all things statis pro baseball.  more links to come.  and i’m sure i may even miss a few.  those of you who notice this can send me a link via email.  i welcome your emails and comments.

on the other side of this coin the replay continues on.  two of the four games that were played on april 9th are complete.  i’m about to get another played before going to bed.  i’ll post all those results after i complete the entire day’s schedule.

i didn’t make it to my storage shed to see if i could find that 1980 yankees doug bird card.  i have four sets in the house (talking about true AH card): ’78, ’79, ’83, and then a hodge podge of cards that were put into those All Star Replay mags that were so popular in the 80s.  i had found that “collection” on ebay.  has the ’55 world series teams, a japanese team, a couple of teams from the early 1900’s.  i’ve never even played ’em.  but i have them.  as they say, it’s not about how much money you make, but who has the most toys when the die.



Posted 08/08/2010 by rick in Statis Pro, Website

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