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i started this site back in june, but didn’t want to make any serious announcements until it was a lot closer to being ready for the show.  it’s still not anywhere i want it to be, but last Wednesday it was close enough to start drawing some traffic.  so on a couple of forums and groups pages i posted this site’s address and it’s intent.  i anticipated a few dozen hits.  maybe even scrape up 75-100 in the first week.  hey, who knew what to expect.  i didn’t.  obviously, i really didn’t.

today is the 7th day since going ‘live’.  as of the writing of this post we’ve had 971 hits.  nine hundred and seventy freakin’ one hits!  so now i”m anticipating we’ll be at 1,000 for the week (by the end of today).

i really didn’t know.  there’s a huge following out there for Statis Pro OR a bunch of really strange and creepy people stalking me.  i’m hoping the former because the latter would just really freak me out.

the subscription list is eight long (um, yeah, you can join by putting in your email at the left of this post), but there are many more people stopping by to see what this site is about. maybe you’re really interested in the replay itself.  i’m trying to make it as entertaining for you as it is, so far, for me.  i’ve completed 3 days from 1975 with the 4th day starting tonight when i get home.  i’ve added the current standings of the replay and after i get about 10 games per team under my belt i’ll start posting some stat leaders.

meanwhile i’m getting emails about statis pro baseball.  mostly about replays or works of a computer version, but there is a much larger interest than i originally thought.  i mean, the game did “go under” about 18 years ago.  but there are enough fanatics and frankensteins out here to keep it alive.


suddenly i’m reminded of Leo Durocher checking out this great prospect . . .



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  1. I laughed so hard, my pants nearly fell down

    Thanks for this clip

    ROFLMAO !!!

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