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the site continues to grow . . .

my son at yankee stadium

there’s a new header image.  how do you like it?  is it annoying or does it add to the site?  a couple of years ago i took my son to a yankee game.  it was the last year in the stadium and since he’s a HUGE fan of the yankees, i felt he needed to attend a game before it was torn down.  this is a pic from that game (altered slightly to fit).  the bombers destroyed the friars of san diego.  he had a great time.  we had a great time.

now posted on the LINKS page is an interview with Jim Barnes.  this has been out for a few years, but many have not read it.  its an interesting conversation with the guy who created Statis Pro Baseball.  it covers his thoughts about the game, what he’s doing now, and gives you a glimpse into his mind.

also, coming soon is an interview with the creator of Statis Pro the Pennant.  from my brief understanding it was a blend of SP and Pursue the Pennant (hence the name).  he’s currently working on a project many, many of you may have an interest in … a computer version of SP.  you’ll know more as soon as i know more.  stay tuned.

and lastly, i’m two games in to the next set of replay games.  i should finish the last four over the weekend.  (for those of you who are following.)



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