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how much baseball is too much baseball?  even among those that play tabletop games i find the split about half or a little more than half that put away the baseball games when their league games are done or football season begins.  now many of you may not be participating in a league, but are instead involved in team or season replays.  so the question becomes yours, “when the real baseball season is over, do you put the game(s) away for awhile and move on to another sport?”

when i was younger i found myself playing statis pro basketball, strat football, and some statis pro football.  i tried the hockey games, but just couldn’t get into them.  and my baseball games would almost always hit the closet shelves until spring training.  then i’d pull them out and play some “spring training” games.  as i’ve gotten older the other sports have fallen to the side.  i play my baseball games nearly year round now.  part of that is due to baseball leagues that venture into the fall or even winter before they are scheduled to be over, but even that aside (and with my replay), i’ll play baseball year round.  (i do manage to fit in some boxing games during the fall, but only baseball during baseball season.)

i coach baseball nearly year round.  that’s one of the benefits of being in a warmer climate.  only 3 months out of the year are spent away from the actual baseball field.  i get november thru january off before i start gathering the kids to start working on throwing and batting mechanics.

so how about YOU?  is baseball a year round passion?  or do you set the baseball games aside and move on to other sports and sport games during the off season?



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2 responses to “how much baseball?

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  1. I find that I end up playing baseball about 8-10 months of the year, the other 2 months of the year is NFL football. This year will be a bit different though as I am embarking on a full 1990 NFL replay which will take me well into next year to complete. I find that baseball is the one sport that translates the smoothest to the tabletop, without doubt. Hockey, not so much. The same for soccer. Especially the same for basketball.

  2. I am a year-’round baseball freak. If I didn’t have my tabletop games (SPA and APBA) I would probably have opened a vein long ago. Never have been a huge football or basketball fan. Baseball is the perfect game…and translates most easily to a board game sim as stated above by another commenter. I am sure I will still be whacking little make-believe balls around cardboard stadiums when I am 90.

    Randy Skrimager

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