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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 11, 1975 …


DET 000 000 000 - 0  4 1
NYY 100 011 00X - 3 10 0

DET: Lolich (L, 0-1) 6.0, Bare 2.0; Freehan 8.0
NYY: Medich (W, 1-0) 9.0; Munson 9.0

No home runs

The Yankees had a near full house for their home opener of the 1975 season.
Doc Medich took the mound against the visiting Tigers.  The Tigers batters made
Medich look better than Catfish.  Yankee fans know this is just an illusion, but
are happy for the end results just the same.  Medich goes the distance shutting
out Detroit on four hits and striking out eight.

BOS 000 000 000 - 0  5 0
BAL 040 020 00X - 6 14 0

BOS: Wise (L, 0-1) 4.2, Pole 3.2; Montgomery 8.0
BAL: Cuellar (W, 1-0) 9.0; Etchebarren 9.0

No home runs

Boston continues to struggle as they get shut out.  They've scored
only 4 runs in their first three games of the year.  Baltimore shuttled
Mike Cuellar to the mound and the southpaw looks intent on repeating
his exploits from last year's 22 win stellar season.  He's off to a great start as he
holds the visiting BoSox to just five hits for the complete game shut out.


CLE 000 001 010 - 2 9 0
MIL 000 011 001 - 3 5 1

CLE: JPerry 7.0, Bosman (L, 0-1) 1.0, Kern 0.2; Ellis 8.2
MIL: Champion 7.1, Rodriguez 1.1, Murphy (W, 1-0) 0.1; Porter 9.0

CLE HR: None
MIL HR: Porter (1)

Perry pitched well for the tribe holding the brew crew to two runs in seven innings.
The Brewers pitchers have pitched very well in the early season and matched the
Indians through eight innings.  Cleveland threatened in the top of the ninth, but
Murphy shut them down.  A lead off double by George Scott led to the go ahead
run in the bottom of the ninth when Lezcano drove him in with a single.  The
Brewers won their third straight game.

MIN 100 000 100 - 2  8 2
KCR 000 000 003 - 3 7 1

MIN: Albury 7.1, Hughes 1.1, Burgmeier (L, 0-1) 0.0; Borgmann 8.2
KCR: Fitzmorris 7.0, Pattin (W, 1-0) 2.0; Martinez 8.0, Healy 1.0

MIN HR: Carew (1)
KCR HR: None

Minnesota scored early on a game opening solo shot by Rod Carew.  The
Twins added to their lead in the seventh when Soderholm doubled and
moved to third on an error by Amos Otis then scored oon a single by Steve
Braun.  But the Royals were not done.  In the bottom of the ninth the Twins
errored twice and gave up five hits.  Those are signs for disaster and it was
for the Twins pitchers.  Burgmeier took the loss as he couldn't get anyone
out and Patek hit a walk off single to win the game.


OAK 100 003 000 0 - 4 11 1
TEX 100 021 000 2 - 6 10 1

OAK: Abbott 5.2, Hamilton 1.1, Lindblad 0.2, Fingers (L, 0-1) 1.2; Tenace 9.1
TEX: Hands 5.1, Thomas 2.2, Wright (W, 1-0) 2.0; Sundberg 10.0

OAK HR: Williams (2)
TEX HR: Randle (1), Burroughs (1), Grieve (1)

The Texas Rangers were able to give Oakland their first loss knock of the year.
Lenny Randle hit a rope to left center in the first inning. Bill North and Claudell
Washington collided on the play and Randle raced all the way home on the inside
the park home run. In the bottom of the 10th inning Tom Grieve hit a one out
two run walk off home run to win the game.

CHW 000 010 013 - 5 7 1
CAL 011 000 000 - 2 7 4

CHW: Osteen 5.0, Forstre (W, 1-0) 3.0, Gossage (Sv 1) 1.0; Downing 9.0
CAL: Ryan (L, 1-1) 8.1, Kirkwood 0.2; Rodriguez 9.0

CHW HR: None
CAL HR: Rodriguez (1)

Ryan pitched well for the Angels, but the Angels defense went AWOL for the
game committing four errors. Two errors in the top of the ninth allowed the
three unearned runs that cost California the game. Forster and Gossage held
the Angels hit-less over the last four innings of the contest.

Side note: Ryan struck out six.


Let's take a look at April 12, 1975:

DET (Ruhle 0-0) @ NYY (May 0-0)

BOS (Cleveland 0-0) @ BAL (Grimsley 0-0)

CLE (Peterson 0-0) @ MIL (Slaton 1-0)

MIN (Blyleven 1-0) @ KCR (Briles 0-0)

OAK (Blue 1-0) @ TEX (Jenkins 0-0)

CHW (Wood 0-1) @ CAL (Hassler 0-0)


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  1. You sure are getting a lot of errors. I am playing 2009 right now and barely get any errors. Not a fan of too many of them when playing myself, they make the flow of the game and stat tracking a bit harder.

    Aaron Williams
    • i agree. so far there’s been quite a few. i’m kind of watching everything right now: average, era, errors, hrs … but i’ve only played 18 games and the sampling is kind of small. but definitely something to keep my eye on. how far into your ’09 replay are you and how’s it going? are you keeping all stats including fielding? i’m NOT doing fielding, but keeping everything else.
      thanks for the comment!

  2. I am playing NL only. I hope to play a 52 game schedule. The number chosen is primarily based on reasonableness as far as me playing tha many and also being divisible by 4 while giving pitchers an oppurtunity to win 10 games.

    I am working with a 4 pitcher rotation with each team giving each pitcher the option of 13 starts. At least those that aren’t pulled out of the rotation or injured. I believe that 52 games will provide the oppurtunity for other milestones as well. I am not a big 70 per year, 60 per year, 50 per year HR fan (I started playing SP again just a few weeks ago because this ‘Year of the Pitcher’ is just pulling me back! Baseball seems to be what it was suppose to be again, I love it) but suspect that 52 games may produce HR leaders in the 15-20 range, RBI leaders in the 50-60 range.

    I am keeping a LOT of stats.

    I score the game in Excel and I am tracking everything for Caught Stealing to Game Number to Opponent to Sacrifices. I also track the usual AB, Hits, Stls, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, Runs, etc.

    For Pitchers I am storing everything from Ks to Pick Offs to Complete Games, IP, ER, etc.

    On defense I am tracking Clutch Defense, Assists and Errors. I plan to use the Clutch Defense as a tally for my Gold Glove winners. Each time I check CD and the result is an Out, I give that defensive player a credit for that CD. At the end of the year, there will be one Gold Glove given to each position in each league for whatever player has the most CDs from that position. Oh yeah, I maintain position played as well. It is not all 100% though, if I have an injury and players move positions, I don’t track that they played two positions in that game. They just get assigned whatever position they ended up playing at the end of the game.

    Since I keep line item detail in the DB, I can query it (and have) for most Ks in a game. Most hits by the Pirates in a game. Most consecutive games with a hit by any player even!!!!

    I started just a month ago so this is all a work in progress but I work in IT so the skill set behind the DB and report creation is all there for me.

    I am free to share anything I am doing with anyone interested.

    I then paste the results of each game into Access so I maintain a line item detail. I then query that DB using Crystal Reports and then create many different Crystal Reports and enter them all into one report as Sub Reports. So I have the top MANY top 10 lists on one report.

    Aaron Williams
    • i keep all but defensive stats (errors are just part of the write ups) using a program by Mark Miller (i have a mac and don’t like using virtual windows). but it works great and allows for me to click a button or two and it will generate team and/or league leaders as needed. pretty good. i’ll start posting some stats after i get about 10 games in for everyone.

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