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i’ve been getting emails with questions about the site, the game, and about me personally.  so here we go as i address some of the questions …

Q — chief?  why chief?  i used to follow the Syracuse Chiefs.  anything to do with that?
A — sorry, no.  it’s a name that i’ve been called for the last dozen years.  it started with my DLB league that i began in the summer of 1999.  the league is called the Fat Elvis Baseball Collective (aka FEBC).  since we went with the thought of ‘collective’ we assumed everyone was an Elvisian.  as commissioner i became the Chief Elvis.  then over the years, just shortened to Chief.

Q — will there be a place on the site to list folks who play SP?  this way they might be able to find others in their area.
A — yep!  i’m working on that and an announcement will probably come later this week or early next week.  while the game CAN be played in chat rooms via the internet (there are dice rules already in place), it would be ultra cool to play face-to-face.  with that being said, having a repository of available players and emails would be nice.  i’m still working out the details of how i want to set that up because some people don’t want their email addresses made public.

Q — i heard there is a computer version of SP, is that true?
A — it’s on the horizon.  John Goecken is developing one currently and hopes to have it available for testing very soon.  from what i hear it’s gonna be pretty cool.

Q — are you a bengals fan?  i see you use the bengals logo.
A — nope.  no offense to the bengal fans out there, but i’m a long time bears fan.  the TIGER logo (yes, copied from the bengals) is my team logo in the FEBC (my team is the Tupelo Tigers).  and no, i’ve never won a championship.  i can run a great league, but can’t seem to be a good GM.  go figure.

Q — are you only replaying the AL?
A — right now, yes.  i want to do the NL also, but for a couple of reasons i’m doing AL only right now.  first, i’ve never done a replay more than just a single team.  taking on a whole league is multiple times bigger and will take longer.  for that reason i wanted to strengthen my chance of completing.  secondly, i have ADHD and folks with that acronym have a tendency to start things then never finish.  so i’m counting on my obsessive compulsiveness to kick in and force me to finish.  WHEN i’m done with the AL (speaking positively) then i will move on and play out the ’75 NL.

Q — what other games have you played?
A — for now i’ll stick with sport games.  almost every AH sport game.  favorites were paydirt and statis pro baseball.  the football games lacked (my opinion only, so don’t slam me), and basketball was good, but just not much into basketball … but then again, 5’6″ fat guys usually aren’t.  strat football (GREAT game) is the only football game outside of AH that i tried.  regarding baseball: Statis Pro (obviously), Sherco, APBA, Pursue the Pennant, Strat-O-Matic, Dynasty League Baseball, Longball, Triple Play, IBL, and i’m sure a couple of more that i’m forgetting at the moment.  of those, SP and DLB have monopolized my table top sports gaming.

Q — is there anyone who’s done with Statis Pro Football what you’re doing here?
A — not currently.  while i was never much into SP Football (probably because it didn’t lend itself well to solitaire play well for me) i did hear there was a site, but it has since gone under.  checking various spots on the delphiforum is a great place to get info.

Q — where are you getting the images of the baseball cards?  i think they’re really cool and remind me of my childhood.
A — thanks.  i have a very large baseball card collection.  i started when i was young and have about 18 complete sets.  most are from the 70s and 80s.  but sometimes i just search on the web for a certain player and if i can find him, i’ll capture the screen shot.  hopefully i won’t have the web police coming after me.  i try not to borrow much and if it’s something more than just an image (like the interview with Jim Barnes), i do go to the site and request permission before posting. [thanks again to Butch Wo and the guys at baseballgames.dreamhosters.com]

Q — do you know of any leagues using Statis Pro?
A — unfortunately, no.  i know a TON of people are doing either team or season replays using one of the many variants of SP.  i’m currently in two leagues using DLB, so i know it can be done.  the biggest source of consternation would be the lack of SP players out there.  most likely it’s because AH stopped selling in 93 and the game has been dormant publicly and only minimally played “under ground”.  but it’s high time this game be brought back to the main stream.  that’s part of the reason for this site.  the other major factor is table top games in general, let alone sport games, is a dying breed.  IF people are playing games, the  great, great percentage of them are playing computer or video games.  heck even i play Out of the Park Baseball from time to time.  but us table top gamers are mostly 40-60 years old and reliving our childhood before the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world took us from Atari to flat screen, gig-a-squat nerd boxes.  all that being said, i WANT to see a league begin.  i want to see a league flourish and have others start one because they can find others that are successful.  but we’ve got to get new players playing the game. we’ve got to get the next generation back at the table with the FAC or dice.

Q — how many games in your replay do you play a week?
A — it depends.  some weeks are very busy.  i’m very involved in many activities.  but i don’t watch much tv and that helps me be able to crank out games here and there.  my goal is to try and finish at least one replay day per week.  sometimes that’s only two or three games, but i know there will be days like april 27, 1975 that had 9 AL games that day.  my main goal is to keep chipping away at it and not get locked into a “games per week” scenario.  right now i’m 1/81st of the way through.  :-)  so i have a long way to go, but i AM on the way.

Q — do you have a life?
A — i’m assuming they meant that question positively and not something like, “GET a life”.  yes.  i do. a very full one.  i have five kids in my blended family.  the youngest two are my natural kids and they’re both in high school.  the older three are my wife’s from a previous marriage.  the oldest of them has duchenne’s MD and requires 24 hour care.  we never leave him alone as there is always someone around.  the next child is married and they live with us (along with my two beautiful granddaughters), the youngest of my wife’s (and our MIDDLE child) is a journalist in the marines, and i’ve already mentioned the last two.  my son is a senior with aspirations of playing college baseball and my daughter is a sophomore with aspirations of ruling the world.

as mentioned before in other blog posts, i also coach 5th and 6th grade baseball.  that occupies 3-4 days a week.  i run the FEBC and we’re in our 12th season.  i participate in another DLB league that is in their 24th season.  between the two leagues i’m responsible for 132 games plus playoffs if i’m lucky.  i also webmaster the FEBC site and help maintain three additional sites apart from this one.

when i’m not doing any of that, i have a full time job, am extremely active in my church (music ministry and men’s ministry), i like to read, write (i have one unpublished book and the start of another), and play disc golf.   man, i think i need a vacation from me!

KEEP the questions coming.  and again, i urge you to go ahead and subscribe to the site.  i’ll do my best to keep you updated on the latest SP news and also to entertain you along the way.



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