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i gave the mrs a kiss and told her to have a good time.  she left for a couple of days to go to a conference with her sister and some friends.  her advice to me?  “behave yourself”.  my dear wife should know by now that i’m a player, not a playa.  while she’s gone i do have some added responsibilities like being the sole caregiver of our handicapped son, BUT i can also huddle myself away after he’s been fed and settles into his routine.

in the back of the house, in the corner of my cramped, pseudo office with charts on my left, score sheet to my right, and the cards all laid out before me, i’ll be flipping those FAC.  i don’t have to worry about spending time out with the family, or errands to run, or extended family coming over.  i can just go hibernate, my unconditional loving dog at my feet, and rock through some baseball games.  i don’t have to be concerned about staying up when the wife wants to go to sleep.  or the light or noise bothering her.


it’s like having a holiday without needing to cookout or do any extra house cleaning for company.  a mini-vacation from the world of the routine and mundane.  i’ll have to take a couple of breaks to help my son, but that’s minimal.  five minutes here or there and right back into the games.

it helps that my little league team’s summer season ended and i don’t have baseball practice tomorrow.  it helps that my FEBC league games are done for the week and i don’t have any scheduled games until next week.  it helps that my youngest two will be busy with activities.  and it helps that my lovely wife will not be complaining that my entire life revolves around baseball (at least until Sunday).

so tonight and tomorrow, i’m living it up.  i’ll throw some Hebrew National (official hot dog of MLB) on the George Foreman grill, grab some chips and salsa, pour some tea into an extremely over-sized, Texas-sized cup and settle in for four or five games tonight and hopefully repeat the process tomorrow.  i will spare my derriere and get out for awhile tomorrow during the day.  i’m planning on braving the 100+ degree temperatures and fire off some shots against my son for a couple rounds of disc golf.  but then by tomorrow evening, i’ll do the same routine.  oh, it’s gonna be great!


[P.S. to my wife if she’s reading this:  i’m really going to miss you and can’t wait for you to get home.  it will two long and lonely days.  ;-)]


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2 responses to “i’m a player, not a playa

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  1. Sounds great. I would hook up something in the background, Radio, DVR/TV or Laptop connected to mlb.com to run some live or recorded or highlights of baseball in the background too.

    Aaron Williams
  2. sounds like a perfect weekend for someone that lives and breathes baseball. :) enjoy!

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