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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 13, 1975 …


DET 000 000 000 - 0  5 0
NYY 000 111 00x - 3 10 0

DET: Walker (L, 0-1) 7.0, Bare 1.0; Humphry 8.0
NYY: Hunter (W, 2-0) 9.0; Munson 9.0

DET HR: None
NYY HR: Bonds 2 (2)

In the first game of a double header between the Tigers and Yankees, Catfish Hunter
got the nod.  He went the distance in the complete game shutout.  The Detroit
ball club was able to put together just five hits and no one got past second base.
Bobby Bonds went deep twice off Tom Walker; both solo home runs.

DET 000 000 000 - 0 4 0
NYY 011 100 000 - 3 7 0

DET: LaGrow (L, 0-1) 8.0; Freehan 8.0
NYY: Mayy (W, 1-0) 9.0; Hermann 9.0

No home runs

Rudy May took the mound for the Yankees in the second game of the DH.
His first outing of the year looked spectacular.  Of course, it was against
the Tigers who are seriously lacking in offensive clout.  For the third time
in four games the Yankees defeated the Tigers by a score of 3-0.  Alomar
led the offense with a triple and single.

BOS 101 000 000 - 2  6 0
BAL 100 012 01X - 5 10 0

BOS: Tiant (L, 0-2) 7.0, Drago 1.0; Montgomery 8.0
BAL: Torrez (W, 1-0) 7.0, Jackson (Sv 1) 2.0; Duncan 9.0

BOS HR: None
BAL HR: Duncan (1), Baylor  (2), Robins (2)

Both starting pitchers had difficulties.  They both went seven innings.  Boston hurler,
Luis Tiant's were the long ball.  He gave up three solo bombs.  Torrez just couldn't
find home plate and walked a league high 10 batters in his outing.  In the end it was
Boston who looked the worst stranding FIFTEEN players on base.  If they could have
plated just four of those fifteen, the Red Sox would have won.  If only . . .

CLE 000 000 - 0 3 0
MIL 101 00X - 2 4 0

CLE: GPerry (L, 0-2) 5.0; Ellis 5.0
MIL: Broberg (W, 2-0) 6.0; Porter 6.0

CLE HR: None
MIL HR: Briggs (1)

Cleveland's offense may be as anemic as the Tigers when it comes to
scoring runs.  They have even less of a chance when the game is cut
short due to April storms.  Milwaukee took advantage of an early gopher
ball by the spitballer, Gaylord Perry and Briggs went yard.  the Brew Crew
added an insurance run on a couple of doubles in the bottom of the third.

MIN 010 201 0 - 4 7 0
KCR 202 010 X - 5 5 2

MIN: Decker (L, 1-1) 3.0, Corbin 2.0, Hughes1.0; Borgmann 6.0
KCR: Busby (W, 1-1) 6.2; Martinez 6.2

MIN HR: Darwin (2)
KCR HR: None

Another game shortened by rain [editor's note: the two games shortened were on
different Z number results]. This time it was a close affair between the Royals and
Twins.  Freddie Patek made two errors during the game which allowed for two
unearned runs.  Early hits and walks given up by Decker put the Twins in a game
of catchup from the first inning.  Then the rain came and the Royals had a win in spite
of Patek's poor day in the field.

CHW 001 311 200 - 8 13 0
CAL 000 000 000 - 0  2 1

CHW: Kaat (W, 1-1) 9.0; Downing 8.0; Varney 1.0
CAL: Dobson (L, 0-1) 6.0, Blateric 3.0; Rodriguez 9.0

No home runs

Kitty Kaat looked dynamite as he held the Angels to two hits while gaining his
first win of the year.  The first hit came in the bottom of the second.  The only
other hit came in the bottom of the ninth.  The ChiSox pounded Dobson for six
before chasing him from the game.

CHW 000 000 011 - 2 5 0
CAL 300 000 01X - 4 4 1

CHW: Bahnsen (L, 0-2) 7.0, Kucek 1.0; Downing 8.0
CAL: Singer (W, 1-0) 7.1, Pena (Sv 1) 1.2; Egan 9.0

No home runs

Bahnsen gave up three quick runs in the first inning to the Angels and then pitched
strong the rest of the way.  Those three runs did him in as the White Sox used all
their offense in the first game of the twinbill.  Singer was equally strong and didn't
give up a run until the top of the eighth.  Pena came and gave up another run, but
was able to hold on for the save.

Oakland at Texas was canceled due to weather (using the AS PLAYED schedule).

and now a preview of April 14, 1975:
OAK (Holtzman 1-0) @ KCR (Splittorff 1-0)


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  1. dr chief:
    how do u expect 2 get through the entire season if u will allow rainouts from history AND rainouts from rolling a ZED inside statis-pro? r u not asking 4 double trouble?
    wow, that name splittorff brings back a memory or 3. we saw him pitch 4 omaha in the little world series in syracuse in 1970, from the park commissioner’s seats right behind the plate. those were the days. attendance was so bad in omaha that the royals wanted 2 finish out the series in syracuse, transferring n e home games 2 here.

    • LOL … i’ll make it. the lone rain out was real life. i just noted it in case anyone looked at the original schedule and said, “hey, these two teams were supposed to play, but you didn’t do it.” if the teams played in real life, i’ll play the game. if i get a rain out, i ignore it unless the game is official. so i’m only allowing rain shortened games. if a rain out comes up prior to the game being official, i totally ignore it.


  2. How can you draw 10 walks and LOSE!? Torrez was a bum. Has the Baltimore defense been killing a lot rallies? Lots of CD5s on that team.

    • it was ridiculous. but as you can also see the BoSox only mustered six hits. i don’t have the score sheet in front of me, but it seems like the hits were spread out over the game. i was hoping the game on the 12th had broken the Sox out of their slump, but it was just for one game. and yes, the Baltimore D made several great plays.


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