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it’s TAX DAY in our 1975 replay.  let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 15 …


BOS 100 000 104 - 6 12 0
NYY 000 000 000 - 0 12 2

BOS: Lee (W, 1-1) 9.0; Montgomery 9.0
NYY: Medich (L, 1-1) 7.0, Pagan 1.1, Wallace 0.1, Gura 0.1; Munson 9.0

BOS HR: Evans (1), Petrocelli (1)
NYY HR: None

The Yankees were shut out at home against their arch rival Boston Red Sox. While
the Red Sox bats appear to be finally waking from it's winter slumber, the Yankees
managed to strand runners in a lack of aggressive running. It was a two run game
going into the top of the ninth when the bottom fell out of the Yankee bullpen
allowing four runs on two home runs to seal the deal.

TEX 010 100 000 1 - 3 11 1
CHW 001 001 000 0 - 2  7 0

TEX: Wright 6.0, Umbarger 2.0, Hargan (W, 1-0) 1.0, Foucault (Sv, 1) 1.0; Sundberg 10.0
CHW: Osteen 6.0, Forster 2.0, Upshaw (L, 0-1) 1.1, Gossage 0.2; Downing 10.0

TEX HR: Tovar (2)
CHW HR: None

The Rangers picked up their second win of the season against the White
Sox, but had to go extra innings to do it. Clyde Wright went 6 in his second
start of the season keeping Chicago off balance and allowing just two runs
(one earned). Then, much to the Texas manager's surprise, the bullpen
held.  Foucault came in and worked a three up, three down inning to earn
his first save.


CAL 000 100 000 - 1 8 0
MIN 000 001 01x - 2 6 0

CAL: Ryan (L, 1-2) 8.0; Rodriguez 8.0
MIN: Goltz (W, 2-0) 8.0, Campbell (Sv, 1) 1.0; Borgmann 9.0

No home runs

A low scoring affair between Nolan Ryan and Dave Goltz.  Both pitchers came into the
game looking for their second win on the season, but only one walked away with it.
Ryan's downfall was the "almost" long ball.  he only gave up six hits on the night with
five of them coming from the sixth through eighth innings.  But they weren't just dink
singles either. He gave up a single in the second then in the latter part of the game
he gave up three doubles and two triples.  Combine that with Goltz getting out of
jams on three separate occasions and it's a recipe for the loss column for the Angels.

side note: Ryan struck out eleven.

MIL 100 100 200 - 4  7 0
BAL 001 020 000 - 3 10 0

MIL: Champion (W, 1-0) 6.2, Castro (Sv, 1) 2.1; Porter 9.0
BAL: Palmer (L, 1-1) 7.0, Garland 2.0; Etchebarren 9.0

MIL HR: Money (2), Yount (1)
BAL HR: None

Bill Champion pitched like a champion against the fierce orange birds and
their ace, Jim Palmer. While he gave up three runs, he was able to keep
the meat of the order ineffective.  Meanwhile Palmer was wild walking
five batters in seven innings. Money hit a solo shot in the fourth and Yount
went yard in the seventh for a two run bomb.  It would be enough by one.


OAK 000 000 030 - 3 8 2
KCR 000 201 20x - 5 7 0

OAK: Norris (L, 1-1) 5.0, Odom 1.0, Abbott 2.0; Tenace 8.0
KCR: Fitzmorris (W, 1-0) 8.0, Bird (Sv, 1) 1.0; Martinez 9.0

OAK HR: Jackson (1)
KCR HR: Rojas (1), Mayberry (1)

Norris hoped to follow up his stellar debut with another great outing, but he was undone
by his defense and his lack of stamina. He walked two in the first inning before getting
a double play to get out of the jam.  In the fourth inning he muffed a dribbler in front of
the mound that George Brett beat out for a one base error.  Rojas popped up to the
catcher for what should have been the third out. Instead Vida Pinson got a chance to
bat off the young right hander and took him to the gap for a two out double.  Two more
singles later and Pinson had scored. The Royals tacked on three more with Rojas, that
anti-typical long ball threat, going yard for the first Royals homer of 1975.  Mayberry
hit his first the next inning — a two run blast.  That was all she wrote.


and now a preview of April 16, 1975:
BOS (Wise 0-1) @ NYY (Dobson 0-1)
TEX (Bibby 0-0) @ CHW (Wood 1-1)
CAL (Hassler 0-0) @ MIN (Blyleven 2-0)
MIL (Slaton 1-1) @ BAL (Cuellar 1-0)
OAK (Blue 2-0) @ KCR (Briles 0-1)


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  1. Thanks for getting me back into statis pro baseball. I spent many hours playing back in the day. Hearing about you replaying 1975 brought back the good old days, so i decided to replay the 1977 AL season. I will not be going has fast as you because of my work schedule but I will get there one day. Wish me luck.

    • you’re very, very welcome. it’s not about speed. i’m cranking them because i’m really into it right now and i have ADD (which means a slow down will occur at a time when it’s least expected). but for now i’m having fun and THAT’S what it’s all about. ’77 is a great year. good luck and don’t think about speed, just enjoy the ride!

      my goal is that statis pro (in one form or another) becomes very widely played again. i’d like to see it rival strat for sales and not have people give me the glazed over stare when i talk about the game. lofty goals, i know, but …


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