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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 16, 1975 …


BOS 000 000 000 5 - 5 8 0
NYY 000 000 000 2 - 2 5 0

BOS: Wise 8.0, Drago (W, 1-0) 2.0; Montgomery 10.0
NYY: Dobson 9.0, Lyle (L, 0-1) 0.1, Gura 0.2; Munson 10.0

BOS HR: Rice (1)
NYY HR: Blomberg (1)

It was a real pitcher's duel. Very few hits and starters that got past the seventh
inning before turning the ball over. Wise, of the BoSox, made it to the bottom of
the eighth inning before yielding to Drago.  Drago did a tremendous job shutting
down Piniella with a double play ball and then got Bobby Bonds to whiff to shut
down a late game surge by the Yankees.

The Yanks pitcher, Pat Dobson, had done as remarkable a job holding the Red Sox
batters off-balance. He went nine innings and then handed the ball to closer, Sparky
Lyle.  Lyle gave up a lead off walk and then a two run shot to Jim Rice to give the Sox
a lead.  Three more base runners and Lyle was in the showers.  Gura gave up a base
clearing double and that would be more than enough to win the game for Boston.

The Yankees tried to rally in the bottom of the tenth with a single by Chambliss and a
two run blast by Ron Blomberg, but it was too little too late and the lead held.

TEX 000 000 201 - 3 8 0
CHW 000 000 000 - 0 4 0

TEX: Bibby (W, 1-1) 7.2, Foucault (Sv, 2) 1.1; Sundberg 9.0
CHW: Wood (L, 1-2) 8.0, Kucek 1.0; Downing 9.0

TEX HR: Grieve (2), Harrah (1)
CHW HR: None

Bibby held the White Sox at arm's length throughout the contest.  Wood did
his best to keep the Rangers in check, too.  Looking throughout the league
it was a great day for pitchers.  The Rangers got to Wood in the seventh for
two runs when Harrah singled and Grieve hit a two run homer to break the
0-0 tie.  Bibby yielded to the bullpen in the bottom of the eighth and Foucault
was able to pitch out of a jam.  In the top of the ninth Harrah added an
insurance run with a solo shot.


CAL 100 000 001 - 2  7 2
MIN 012 200 00x - 5 12 0

CAL: Hassler (L, 0-1) 4.0, Kirkwood 3.0, Scott 1.0; Rodriguez 8.0
MIN: Blyleven (W, 3-0) 8.0, Butler 1.0; Borgmann 9.0

No home runs

Blyleven didn't have his usual stuff today, but he had enough to face
the Angels.  California got an early run when Harper tripled in the first
inning and scored one batter later, but that would be all the scoring
they would get off the right handed curveballer.  The Angels landed
another run in the ninth and that would end their scoring.

Larry Hisle led the Twinkies with two, yes, TWO, triples in the game.
The Twins were pounding the ball off Angels starter, Andy Hassler.
All five runs came in the first four innings.  Hassler was summarily
chased from the game and the Twins scoring stopped.

MIL 100 100 200 - 4  7 0
BAL 001 020 000 - 3 10 0

MIL: Slaton (W, 2-1) 9.0; Moore 4.1, Porter 4.2
BAL: Cuellar (L, 1-1) 6.2, Alexander 2.1; Hendricks 9.0

No home runs

Jim Slaton continues his early season onslaught of opposing batters. Each
start he's expected to pitch a little more realistic, but he's been stellar for
the Brew crew who have started the year with a 6-1 record.  Slaton has
2.10 ERA in three games and has gone the distance twice.

Cuellar, on the other hand struggled from the fourth inning on.  An error
hurt him in the fourth inning allowing two runs to plate. Sixto Lezcano, Brewer
rookie, went 2-4 on the day with two doubles and four rbi's.


OAK 000 100 000 - 1 4 0
KCR 000 000 000 - 0 5 1

OAK: Blue (W, 3-0) 9.0; Tenace 9.0
KCR: Briles (L, 0-2) 6.0, Pattin 2.0, Mingori 1.0; Martinez 9.0

OAK HR: Jackson (2)
KCR HR: none

Blue was his typical dominant self facing the Royals. He allowed only five hits over
a complete game to notch his third win on the season. Kansas City looked helpless
against the southpaw's cut fastball and slider.  Kansas City is a decent hitting team
and Vida made it look like child's play.

The Royals pitching staff did almost as well against the A's batters.  I love a good
pitcher's game and this was one of them with only nine hits between the two teams.
A solo shot by Reggie Jackson, his second for the year, was the difference maker.


and now a preview of April 17, 1975:
TEX (Jenkinsy 0-1) @ CHW (Bahnsen 0-2)
CAL (Dobson 0-1) @ MIN (Albury 0-0)


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