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labor day.  it traces it’s roots back to the 1880’s where the labor force was “celebrated” and the working man was given the day off.  starting in new york, home of large unions during that time, it quickly spread across the states and eventually became a national holiday.

today, it’s just another holiday.  a chance for a three day weekend, cookouts, golf, baseball games, and that jerry lewis telethon.  maybe you had some of your friends over and hovered around the grill watching the ribs, steaks, or dogs sizzle while sipping a cold one.  where did the conversation lead?  talk of work?  sports?  family?  mine was a quiet labor day spent with my wife and stepson.

i probably would have grabbed my bag of frisbees and headed out for some disc golf only i screwed up my back last weekend doing something retarded.  isn’t that how those things always happen?  i was at church last saturday because my kids are in an upcoming drama.  i was horsing around and picked up my teenage son and carried him around like i did when he was baby.  the only problem with that is he’s 17, 6’1″, and, i found out two days ago, weighs nearly 260.  it was comical to watch and i didn’t feel the pain immediately.  no, THAT took a few hours to set in.  it’s been a week and i can tell it’s improving, but it still causes me to sleep uncomfortably along with pain getting up or sitting back down.  once i’m either standing or sitting it goes away.  it’s the transition that bothers me.

so with me on the DL i loitered around the house.  i wanted to play some games, but realized late sunday night that i ran out of score sheets.  i could have figured out a way to play anyway even if i had to use blank paper and just log the important stuff.  but i’m keeping the score sheets for this replay and didn’t want to go astray from the uniformed approach that i have.  same score sheets, same headers, same style of notations.  i may be disorganized in my normal life, but i’m pretty structured when it comes to my tabletop sports gaming.  so i wandered from room to room, my mind racing on what i could do that would entertain me.  i watched a movie.  that killed a couple of hours.  i updated my league website and pegged another hour away.  i came to the conclusion that from now on i will always be well prepared.  lots of score sheets, pens, and iced tea ready.  i mean, what would have happened if there had been a national emergency and we couldn’t have gotten out for days?  i HAVE to have the stuff to play my games.  from now on, i will be prepared.

since i’m on the labor day theme, i did mention the jerry lewis MD telethon.  is it just me or has greed hit the networks, too?  didn’t they used to show the entire 21 hours?  seems like NBC always had it on for it’s entirety.  i never watched the whole thing, but there was some sort of comfort that the tradition (going for forty-five years) was there if i flipped stations and caught a performer i liked.  this year i think our local network only carried three hours of it.

i was one of those that chipped in once in awhile.  i’d watch periodically if something entertaining came on even if it was just to see how jerry looked this year.  a few years ago that took an entirely different turn.  my stepson has MD.  duchenne’s MD, to be exact.  it’s a terminal version that primarily effects boys.  when my son was diagnosed with it at the age of 9 he was told the average lifespan was around 12 or 13.  when he turned 12 he asked his mom if his birthday meant he was going to die soon.  i didn’t know them then, but as a parent that’s got to be crushing to hear your child ask such a question.  medicine has come a long way since then.  the lifespan is now been stretched to early 20s thanks to the marvels of improved cardio and pulmonary medications.  richie is now 25.  he can’t do much at all for himself anymore, but his faith and optimism are both contagious and encouraging for anyone who knows him. with some types of muscular dystrophy the symptoms can be minimized even though there could be life altering changes.  with his type, the disease will take him.  any type of illness is uber serious for him and always puts everyone at our house on edge.

all that to say the jerry lewis telethon means a lot more to me than it did when i was 15.  you just never know what types of curves life is going to throw at you.  as long as your knees don’t buckle and you don’t bale out of the batters box, you’ve got a chance.



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  1. Beautiful writing, Rick!

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