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the drawback i faced as a kid was trying to find local kids to play statis pro baseball.  there were a few around, but not enough for a full league.  or at least not enough that had interest in the game.  and now, three decades later, not much has changed except there are even fewer playing the game (for now).  this problem is not exclusive to statis pro. i’ve been involved in dynasty league baseball since their first year back in 1994.  the same problem exists with that game and every other tabletop baseball game on the market.

i’ve mentioned before that i run a DLB online league that is in it’s 12th season.  we don’t use the computer game.  but we use computers to play the tabletop game.  as ricky ricardo would say, “let me do some splainin’.”

DLB is a dice driven game.  two opponents each have their team (the players cards) laid out in front of them (the un-trusting types have their opponents team in front of them, too).  using AIM chat rooms, you would type in a dice command and then hit enter.  the number is randomly generated and populated in the room so that anyone in the room can see the result.  you both look up the number and the result then go on to the next batter.

riqr: next up is Pokey Reese.  my defense is set.
febc1965: he’ll swing away.
onlinehost: Riqr rolled 3 10-sided dice:  3   7   4
febc1965: 374 is a hard ground out to second base

it’s that easy.  since then we’ve simplified a bunch of stuff to keep from typing so much.  kind of like short hand.  but it’s easy to catch on.  the biggest transition we’ve made is ADDING skype to our process.  now instead of typing everything, we can talk over the internet to our opponent.  the only thing we used the chat room for now is the dice rolling (it’s automated and you can’t cheat the system).  of course, you’d need a microphone or headset for that.

we’ve been doing this for 12 years and have 16 teams in the league.  at the end of this season the league will have played over 5,000 games using the internet since we started in 1999.  our league members cover all of north america and have even had some from europe and south america in years past.  using this system definitely makes finding opponents much easier.

so HOW do we use this type of system for statis pro advanced?  very similarly. you have one player roll the dice for the PB and the other roll the dice for the random number.  derrick has already built in dice rules for those who aren’t big fans of the FAC (i am, but the FAC doesn’t easily lend itself to the interweb).  with his dice rules in place, the exact same type of gaming procedure is done.  that means it’s just a matter of finding people who are willing to commit to a couple of hours per week to be part of a league.

obvious questions:

  1. do you have to use statis pro advanced?
    no.  any type of statis pro card set should work fine.  i just like SPA.
  2. do you have to use a microphone?
    no.  only if you want to use skype and be able to talk to your opponent.  if you decide you’d rather type out the results, that’s fine, too.  in the FEBC (my league), we have a couple of owners who refuse to play using skype because they know that they’re not always the best sportsman, so they diffuse any potential hard feelings by keeping it all in a chat room and their opponent can’t hear their gripes.  but skyping does speed up the process … especially if you’re a slow typist.
  3. how much does AIM cost?  and skype?
    nadda.  it’s a free download and is available for any computer platform (to my knowledge).  the same with skype?  free, free, free.
  4. how much time does it take to play a game online?
    if you’re using skype, the game would take about the same amount of time to play as if you’re playing face to face.  if not using skype, add some additional minutes for typing the results into the chat room.
  5. how is this different than what statis pro online is offering?
    john’s system is very good since it does allow for true FAC (no dice).  the limitations will be the card sets that are available.  anyone that has done splits in their card manufacturing or have made modifications to the gaming system can’t really use his system.  SPO is designed for the traditional AH card design.  the approach i’m offering will allow those with mods (including L/R splits) to be able to play their games online.  don’t get me wrong, john’s system is great, but won’t work for everyone.  this gives the rest of us an alternative.

it should be easy to see at this point that the game can be played online.  the next group of questions always involve, who, when, how, and what season.  with the FEBC we’re always using the most recent season.  we play during baseball season and it’s easy to see how it all fits together.  you’re watching players perform this year and making trades in the league with some sort of idea on how it could help you next year.  that should be just as easy with SP (pick your version).

but with so many retro seasons available, it would be fun if we could get a retro league going during the fall and early part of the year.  a shorter season.  maybe 40 games.  then to pick a season and get enough people on board.  these are the things that drive me.  baseball,  and maybe more appropriately, tabletop baseball, is one of my great passions.



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  1. Can we use ICQ instead of AIM? I think I can communicate with AIM users on ICQ.

    • i’m not positive that ICQ has auto dice roll commands built into the software. with AIM you type in a dice command and it randomly populates a number into the chat room that all participants can see. and while you may be able to communicate between ICQ and AIM, i’m not sure you can participate in a chat room environment. there is a difference between a dialogue box and a chat room within AIM. and no, AIM pays me nothing to back their service. i only wish. :-)

      fyi, the dice command (remember, it only works in a chatroom) is: //roll-dice$-sides$ << the $ signs get changed to the proper numbers. so for two 6-sided dice you would type in: //roll-dice2-sides6, etc.


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