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we’re at the end of a short week, but it’s been a long one (at least for me).  seems like i’ve had projects, distractions, or responsibilities interfering with my statis pro hobby all week long.  do you ever have weeks like that?

some tidbits from this week that have crossed my path …

  1. someone on the delphiforum asked if there were any games that has minor league sets (he’s specifically looking for a game that would create a set for this year’s Midwest League).  i’d love for someone who generates cards to step to the plate for him.  it would be cool to win over another tabletop gamer to the greatness of statis pro baseball.  anyone?
  2. statis pro baseball online released another variation this week that will allow the batter’s card to be visible, too.  i’ve tried the demo and it’s nice.  it’s cool to be able to use the FAC right there on the computer.  it’s cool that you can, in theory (i’ve not tried it yet), play against someone on the net using that system.  i’m not happy about the inability to use cards like SPA where there are L/R splits and an entirely different set of FAC.  also, i tried putting players at different positions (only one listed on the cards) and couldn’t figure out a way to do it.  i.e. i wanted to put one of the phillie players in as a DH.  wouldn’t work.  maybe i just didn’t know how.i also noticed that all the players only have one position listed.  i know some of those players played multiple positions, so how would you do that?  maybe John will chime in here and provide some insight.
  3. the site got a lot of hits when i posted how to use the chat rooms to play games online.  i think there is a lot of interest, but folks may be leery of jumping into the wading pool.  c’mon, guys.  try it.  i promise it will work just great.  my DLB league is in it’s 12th year and going strong.  so don’t be shy … try it out.  it’ll work, i promise.
  4. we had an initial buzz on the statis pro LIST (getting on the list so people could find players in their area or to play over the interweb).  but it’s slowed.  we’ve got 15 or so, but i was hoping to be around 35 or so by now.  maybe i haven’t “hyped” it enough.  but here’s another post discussing it.  if you’ve thought about it, but weren’t sure, go ahead and try it.  leagues are cool.  or tournaments.  or just an occasional online game, even.
  5. a couple of card set developers talked about length of time between end of season and new card sets being available.  SPA takes a few weeks (it’s an in depth, L/R split type of game).  Brian Y gets his out in about a week (a more traditional AH approach to the set, but still solid), and DICE Ball takes a two or three weeks (i think that’s what he said).
  6. AND lastly, i’ll be finishing april 18th tonight.  if so, a post will come out later today or tomorrow morning.  i’ve got another very hectic weekend about to occur and am hoping to get the post done because the games WILL be done tonight.  while i’m thinking of it, just a note that i’ll start posting stat leaders after i’ve completed april 20th games.

a couple of things i hope for this weekend … if you’ve been lurking (and hopefully enjoying) this site, subscribe.  and the second hope is that you get a chance to dig out statis pro baseball and enjoy some great gaming!



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  1. Rick and everybody who reads this, Statis Pro Baseball Online is very flexible when assigning positions to players. There is only one position listed in the roster and that is the players main position so when you set your lineup you know who played the most there. That doesn’t mean the positions can’t change. After you double click on a players name he is added to the lineup. Once he is added to the lineup you can click on his position and change it to anything you want. This assumes that players will not play a player at a position he’s not supposed to. How do you know what his positions are since there’s only one listed on the roster? Easy, just click once on the players name in the roster and it shows a preview of his card. On his card you can see all the positions available along with games played and errors for that position. There has been a lot of bug fixes on the full version I just haven’t got around to fixing them in the demo. If you come across a bug in the demo, chances are it has been addressed. I’ve got some other new things coming up for StatisProOnline also!

    • that’s excellent news, john. i figured it was either a glitch or i just hadn’t stumbled upon the way to do it yet. thanks for the quick and thorough reply. i know there’s a lot of interest in both Statis Pro Baseball and in Statis Pro Baseball Online. keep up the great work and i’m looking forward to upcoming enhancements!


  2. I’ve been making my own minor league team sets for awhile now. I live in Fort Wayne so I play the Midwest League regularly. My personal gaming habit : take the helm for the Cubs latest season and play out their schedule down to the low A teams.

    • that’s awesome! will you be making a Midwest League for 2010? and would you be willing to part with a pdf of the set? if so, we need to get YOU in touch with the guy who’s looking. this would be incredible news and hopefully land a new statis pro baseball fan.


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