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at the risk of offending a reader or three, i’m declaring to you right now that i hate the brewers. which brewers? the ones from the AL that had greats like Aaron (at the end of his career), stormin’ Gorman, Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Mike Caldwell, Rollie Fingers (at the end of his career), and Don Sutton (at the end of his career)? OR maybe the newer ones. the NL version. Prince Fielder, CC Sabathia (short timer), Ryan Braun, Ben Sheets (ow! my arm), and Trevor Hoffman (at the end of his career)? yes to the entire organization.

i’m not sure why i never liked ’em.  some teams you like, some you don’t.  many HATE the yankees.  i’m ok with that.  it’s part of the game.  you have to dislike somebody, right?  on a side note, i think it’s the band wagoners (more than anyone else) that get upset when someone hates their team.  and i’m proud to announce i was a yankee fan in the very early 70s when ‘we’ were nothing more than fodder for the rest of the american league (became a fan in ’72).

back to the brewers now.  selig.  for a long time he was the face behind the face of the brewers (the ‘face’ belonged to Robin Yount).  selig was the primary owner of the brew crew from 1970 until 1992 when he turned over controlling interest to his daughter upon his becoming commissioner of major league baseball.  and there are many that tout the greatness of selig as commish.  but i’m not a fan of his either.  i don’t like inter league play.  i don’t like the watered down talent level due, in part, to continued expansion when expansion wasn’t what was needed.  i’m not a fan of the wild card (you’ll realize i’m more of a purist).  and i don’t like commissioners who seem to have all the players and owners liking them.  aren’t they supposed to be the ones that stand off to the side of the game and make sure the game is continuing in the right direction instead of kowtowing to the masses (namely the union and owners more so than the fans).  he’s supposed to be that ‘old school’ principle that didn’t mind pulling out the switch and giving it to whomever had it coming at the time. that’s NOT selig.

i don’t have any particular reason for not liking the brewers.  don’t get me wrong, i DO like some of the players that have been there … i’m just not a fan of the team itself.  and it’s not a region thing either because i like the Packers of Green Bay.  i just can’t put my finger on any one thing.

in the 75 AL replay that i’m involved in, the brewers are starting the season in full luck mode.  every game seems to have had some weird thing go their way.  they’re now sitting at 8-1 on the season and i don’t know if they’ll ever lose another game.  the flip version, so far, of the luck-laced brewers is the Cleveland Indians (led by big Frank Robinson). game two of the Brewer/Indian series was played last night and it all went according to the gods of fate.  write ups will come out in a couple of days when i complete the rest of the days games, but rest assured, the 8-1 record includes last night’s brewer victory.

i’m being good.  i’m being fair when i manage the teams.  but i still have this bad taste every time i see John Briggs come up with ‘yet-another-big-hit’.  it’s as if i belched buttermilk on a 95 degree day.  not pleasant.  not pleasant at all.



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