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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 19, 1975 …


MIL 100 000 012 1 - 5 12 0
CLE 000 001 030 0 - 4  9 0

MIL: Champion 5.0, Colborn 2.0, Hausman 0.2, Murphy (W, 2-0) 1.1, Castro (Sv 2) 1.0; Porter 10.0
CLE: JPerry 6.2, Eckersly 1.1, LaRoche 1.0, Hood (L, 0-1) 1.0; Ellis 10.0

MIL HR: Coluccio (2), Aaron (1), Scott (2)
CLE HR: Robinson (2)

Milwaukee jumped out to an early lead with a lead off home run by Bob Coluccio.
The pitchers for both teams did their job until the sixth when the Indians tapped
Bill Champion for a run to knot the game at one.  It would have been more except
Frank Robinson went deep and a fan reached over to touch the ball at the wall.
The umpire called fan interference as he thought the left fielder had a chance at
the ball.  

In the bottom of the eighth the Indians found themselves down 2-1, but refused
to give up. With two outs, Gamble got a pinch hit single.  Hendrick singled.
Robinson was up again and there was no doubt about this bomb.  A three run
blast to give the Indians a two run lead.  But not good enough since the Brew-crew
seem to get every break.  Two walks, a balk, and a single later the Brewers have
tied the game again.  

Don Hood comes in for the top of the 10th and the first batter he faces is George
Scott.  BOOM!  Gone.  And so was any hope from the Indians eyes.  Brewers
continue to win.

NYY 111 000 000 - 3 7 0
DET 301 010 00x - 5 8 0

NYY: Medich (L, 1-2) 6.0, Tidrow 2.0; Munson 8.0
DET: Lolich (W, 1-1) 8.0, Hiller (Sv, 1) 1.0; Freehan 9.0

NYY home runs: Nettles (2), Maddox (1)
DET home runs: Horton (2)

Each team put runners across the plate in the first inning with the Tigers taking
the lead with a three run shot by Willie Horton.  The Yankees add a single run
in the second and third to tie the game, but the Tigers add another solo run
in their half of the third to reclaim the lead.  They wouldn't let go.  Lolich pitched
great and kept the Yankees off balance the rest of the way until he turned the
ball over to John Hiller for the save.

CAL 000 040 000 - 4 10 0
CHW 000 000 000 - 0 4 0

CAL: Singer (W, 2-0) 9.0; Rodriguez 9.0
CHW: Wood (L, 1-3) 4.2, Osborn 1.1, Gogolewski 3.0; Downing 9.0

No home runs

Wilbur Wood was going on short rest and did great for four innings.  After
that it seemed his knuckler wasn't knuckling.  The Angels laced four runs
together in the fifth inning sending Wood to the showers.

On the flip side Bill Singer was having a great game reminiscent of 1973.
He went the distance shutting out the White Sox on four hits.

MIN 010 001 001 - 3 6 0
OAK 302 000 01x - 6 9 1

MIN: Corbin (L, 0-1) 6.0, Burgmeier 2.0; Borgmann 8.0
OAK: Blue (W, 4-0) 6.0, Lindblad 2.0, Fingers 1.0; Tenace 9.0

MIN home runs: None
OAK home runs: Jackson (3), Rudi (2), Williams (4), Tenace (2)

The Athletics hit the board quickly with three runs in the first inning.  Jackson
had a two run homer and Rudi followed him with a back-to-backer.  In the
third inning Williams went yard for two more runs.

The Twinkies struggled against Blue, starting on two days rest, but were able
to force him from the game after just six innings.  But it would be enough,
along with the A's offense, to hand the young lefty his fourth win on the short
KCR 001 101 000 - 3 8 0
TEX 010 000 000 - 1 6 0

KCR: Splittorff (W, 3-0) 9.0; Stinson 6.0, Healy 3.0
TEX: Hands (L, 1-1) 6.0, Umbarger 1.0, Wright 2.0; Sundberg 9.0

KCR home runs: Patek (1)
TEX home runs: None

Splittorff is showing just how dominant he can be. In his third start of the season he
earned his third win of the season and his second complete game. Texas continues to
struggle offensively and it doesn't help when players like Jeff Burroughs gets caught
stealing third in the second inning.  The bats are quiet and base running blunders
are going to make this a very long season for Ranger fans.


Baltimore at Boston was canceled due to weather (using the AS PLAYED schedule).

and now a preview of April 20, 1975:
BAL (Torrez 1-0) @ BOS (Tiant 0-2)
MIL (Slaton 2-1) @ CLE (Peterson 1-0)
NYY (May 1-0) @ DET (Ruhle 0-0)
CAL (Ryan 1-2) @ CHW (Osteen 0-0)
KCR (Fitzmorris 1-0) @ TEX (Hargan 1-0)
MIN (Blyleven 3-0) @ OAK (Abbott 0-0)
MIN (Hughes 0-0) @ OAK (Norris 1-1)


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  1. Man, the Brewers look like a team of destiny!

  2. Love to see the Royals doing well. And look at little Freddie Patek going yard. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see your stats.

  3. Never seen that Mickey Lolich card before. I need to get me a stack of 75 cards off Ebay!

    Aaron Williams
    • 1975 is a good set, but not my favorite. often the colors are off or the trim cuts are bad. not a very good set (in my opinion), however, it does work for this replay. my personal favorite is the ’74 set followed closely by the ’77. i’m glad you’re enjoying seeing the cards. i hope you’re enjoying the recaps as well. i’m now 60 games into the replay … only another 900+ to go. ;-)


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