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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 20, 1975 …


BAL 000 000 000 - 0  6 0
BOS 020 000 00x - 2 10 0

BAL: Torrez (L, 1-1) 7.0, Jefferson 1.0; Duncan 8.0
BOS: Tiant (W, 1-2) 7.2, Moret 0.1, Drago (Sv, 2) 1.0; Montgomery 9.0

No home runs

In Mike Torrez' first start of the season he walked 10 batters.  He reeled it in some
against the BoSox walking only three in seven innings.  Unfortunately, he didn't get
the run support he needed and was tagged for the loss.  Petrocelli and Montgomery
go back to back with doubles and Evans drives in Montgomery for the second run
in the second inning.  That would be all the scoring for both clubs as El Tiante held
the Orioles hitters in check.  The O's threatened to score in several innings, but
critical defensive plays kept any runners from crossing the plate.

MIL 000 002 200 - 4 11 0
CLE 000 000 100 - 1  5 0

MIL: Slaton (W, 3-1) 7.0, Sprague 1.0, Castro (Sv, 3) 1.0; Moore 9.0
CLE: Peterson (L, 1-1) 5.1, Kern 1.2, Bosman 2.0; Ellis 9.0

MIL home runs: Aaron (2)
CLE home runs: None

Milwaukee continues it's dominant pitching and crucial hitting.  Cleveland's
pitcher, Fritz Peterson did well, but the Brew Crew tapped him for two runs
in the top of the sixth inning.  Kern came in and gave up two more in the
seventh.  That would be enough as the Tribe could only muster one run versus
Jim Slaton as he earned his third win on the very short season.

NYY 000 001 020 - 3 10 1
DET 010 200 001 - 4  8 0

NYY: May 8.0, Gura (L, 0-1) 0.2; Munson 8.2
DET: Ruhle 7.0, Walker 0.1, Hiller (W, 2-0) 1.2; Freehan 9.0

NYY home runs: None
DET home runs: Freehan (2), Rodriguez (1)

A great, tight game that came down to the wire. Detroit jumps out early
with a solo tater in the bottom of the second inning. they add two more
runs in the fourth after Nettles throws wide of the bag to extend the
inning.  That allows Veryzer and Rodriguez to pound back-to-back doubles.
The Yanks plate one in the sixth and two in the eighth to tied the game.
Rudy May yields to the pen for the bottom half of the ninth.  Larry Gura
gets the first two batters easily.  Number nine hitter, Aurelio Rodriguez
turns on a breaking ball and ends the game with one swing.

CAL 200 100 000 - 3 11 1
CHW 021 100 30X - 7  7 0

CAL: RYAN (L, 1-3) 6.2, Pena 1.2; Rodriguez 7.0, Egan 1.2
CHW: Osteen (W, 1-0) 5.1, Forster 2.2, Gossage 1.0; Varney 9.0

CAL home runs: Stanton (1)
CHW home runs: None

Chicago allows two runs in the top of the first to dig themselves a hole. In
the bottom of the second, however, they plate two to tie.  Ryan is extremely
wild in this game walking eight batters over 6.2 innings.  That wildness will
be the game changer as the ChiSox plate seven runs on only seven hits.

KCR 200 000 310 - 6 10 0
TEX 000 000 000 - 0  3 3

KCR: Fitzmorris (W, 2-0) 9.0; Martinez 9.0
TEX: Hargan (L, 1-1) 6.0, Merritt 2.2, Thomas 0.1; Sundberg 9.0

KCR HR: Mayberry (3), White (1)
TEX HR: None

Fitzmorris was in rare form as he held the Texas Rangers to just three hits in a
complete game shut out.  He was wild early, walking five in the first two innings,
but able to pitch out of both of those jams.  Then he settled into his groove and
let the ball do all the work.  The Royal batters tagged two runs in the first inning
to take the early lead.  Mayberry hit a three run blast in the top of the seventh to
take the wind out of the Rangers sails.  A solo shot by Frank White in the eighth
inning finished the scoring.

MIN 000 000 020 - 2  6 1
OAK 005 202 00x - 9 11 0

MIN: Blyleven (L, 3-1) 5.0, Campbell 3.0; Borgmann 8.0
OAK: Abbott (W, 1-0) 7.1, Todd 1.2; Fosse 7.0, Haney 2.0

MIN home runs: Hisle (1)
OAK home runs: Rudi (3)

The Twins have been in a tail spin and counted on their ace, Bert Blyleven, to
pull them out.  It didn't happen.  What's worse is the Twins pen was totally
depleted.  They were counting on the cool yakker to give them a lot of innings
and keep them in the game.  But things imploded in the third inning and five
runs crossed the plate.  Two more in the forth.  By the sixth, the manager had
no choice, but to go to the pen.  Hopefully their starter in the second game
would do a little better of getting deep into the game and give their batters
a chance to wake up.


MIN 000 000 000 - 0 1 2
OAK 220 012 01x - 8 8 0

MIN: Hughes (L, 0-1) 7.0, Campbell 1.0; Roof 8.0
OAK: Norris (W, 2-1) 8.0, Hamilton 1.0; Tenace 6.0, Fosse 3.0

MIN HR: None
OAK HR: Jackson (4)

Minnesota's hopes after the first game were dashed by a young right hander
named Mike Norris.  Norris gave up a single to the second batter of the game
before carrying that one hitter the rest of the way.  As the game went on Norris
looked uncomfortable, in spite of the Twins inability to find a hole.  Norris
walked four in the last three innings.  He hit the showers after the eighth,
leaving the field with a standing ovation from the small crowd that hung through
the double header.  Hamilton got the last three outs and the A's fans will hold
their breath over the next couple of days as Norris will get a good check up
by team docs.


and now a preview of April 21, 1975:

NYY (Dobson 0-1) @ BOS (Lee 1-1)
KCR (Dal Canton 0-0) @ CHW (Kaat 1-2)
MIN (Butler 0-0) @ CAL (Hassler 0-1)
TEX (Bibby 1-1) @ OAK (Odom 0-0)

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  1. Never seen that Hank Aaron card before. Still the home run king (if they can take Bush’s heisman & then can ban Pete Rose from baseball, then they can surely remove Barry’s cheated records)

    Aaron Williams

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