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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 22, 1975 …


NYY 100 200 200 - 5 9 2
BOS 001 001 000 - 2 6 1

NYY: Hunter (W, 4-0) 9.0; Munson 9.0
BOS: Wise (L, 0-2) 5.2, Segui 3.1; Montgomery 9.0

NYY home runs: Nettles (4)
BOS home runs: None

Hunter controlled the Bosox for his fourth win while going the distance. Two errors
by Bobby Bonds surprised Hunter and the rest of his team.  "The sun was starting to
set late in the game and I just lost them," Bonds said of the two plays.  Neither error
resulted in runs.  Nettles goes deep for his fourth homer of the year trailing A's
right fielder, Reggie Jackson by one.

CLE 000 100 000 - 1 4 0
DET 112 000 00x - 4 7 1

CLE: GPerry (L, 0-4) 8.0; Ellis 8.0
DET: Lagrow (W, 1-1) 9.0; Freehan 9.0

CLE home runs: None
DET home runs: LeFlore (1)

Ron LeFlore led off the Tiger half of the first with a deep drive off Cleveland
starter, Gaylord Perry.  Perry struggled his first three innings giving up four
runs, but effectively shut down Detroit after that.  The problem is the Tribe's
hitting has been awol almost the entire year and today was no different.
Lagrow was able to throw the complete game giving up only a solitary run in
the fourth inning when Charlie Spikes doubled Hendricks home.

One of Perry's favorite shows is Hee Haw.  He should be familiar with the song
that says, "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."  Gaylord Perry, THIS
is your life (in Cleveland).

KCR 001 030 200 -  6  8 0
CHW 230 520 00x - 13 16 1

KCR: Dal Canton (L, 0-1) 2.0, Briles 1.1, Mingori 1.2, McDaniel 3.0; Martinez 8.0
CHW: Kaat (W, 2-2) 7.0, Upshaw 2.0; Downing 8.0, Varney 1.0

KCR home runs: None
CHW home runs: Nyman (1), Kelly (2)

Chicago was all offense tonight and the Royals pitching was just offensive.
Dal Canton couldn't make it past the second inning and Briles was just as
bad if not worse.  The score was 13-3 after five innings.  It was just a matter
of riding out the nine innings to get this disaster over.  Highlights include
Orta going 4-4 with four runs and three rbi's.  Downing went 3-4 with a double,
stolen base, three runs scored.  

MIN 000 000 000 - 0 2 0
CAL 001 010 00X - 2 7 0

MIN: Albury (L, 0-2) 8.0; Borgmann 8.0
CAL: Dobson (W, 1-1) 6.0, Pena 2.0, Kirkwood (Sv, 1) 1.0; Rodriguez 9.0

No home runs

Some games are just a beating.  This was one of those.  Terrific pitching, but
by pitchers you don't anticipate being able to throw like this at this level. When
was the last time Albury went the distance and lost 2-0?  When was the last time
Dobson and friends were able to two hit a club that has Carew, Hisle, Ford and 
several others?  It's been a long, long time, friends.  And this was one of those
games where you anticipated a hit with every pitch.  But Albury and Dobson 
gave it their best and pitched as if they were throwing at minor leaguers.  And the
hitters batted just like them, too.

BAL 020 000 000 000 - 2 3 0
MIL 000 000 200 001 - 3 8 0

BAL: Palmer 9.0, Jefferson 2.0, Jackson (L, 0-2) 0.1; Duncan 9.0, Hendricks 2.1
MIL: Broberg, 9.0, Rodriguez 2.0, Castro (W, 1-0) 1.0; Porter 12.0

BAL home runs: None
MIL home runs: Porter (2)

You can just tell when it's going to be a pitcher's game.  Tonight was one of those
Palmer was dead on until the seventh inning mistake.  With one on and one out he
left a pitch a little too much in the zone and Porter clobbered it to tie the game.
Both starters went the full nine before turning it over to the pen.  The Brew Crew's
pen has been steady this year, as their whole staff has been.  They got the most
of the pitching and Grant Jackson buckled for the second time this season allowing
the game winning run to come in on a out out double by Charlie Moore.

TEX 300 000 000 - 3  5 1
OAK 000 100 001 - 2 4 1

TEX: Jenkins (W, 1-1) 9.0; Sundberg 9.0
OAK: Holtzman (L, 2-2) 8.0, Lindblad 1.0; Fosse 7.0, Haney 2.0

No home runs

Texas got to Holtzman in the first inning for four consecutive singles which 
netted three runs.  Good thing they got them when they did because Holtzman
went the next seven innings without giving up a single hit.  Meanwhile Fergie
Jenkins, the Rangers starter, was also in good form.  He went the distance only
allowing four hits on the night.  The A's scored in the fourth inning to make a
two run game when Joe Rudi doubled and then scored when catcher Jim Sundberg
threw away the ball trying to get the next batter out at first.  

The A's threatened again in the bottom half of the ninth when Jackson hit a lead off
double.  He moved to third two outs later and scored on a wild pitch by Jenkins. 
Fergie got Claudell Washington to whiff to end the game.


and now a preview of April 23, 1975:

NYY (Medich 1-2) @ BOS (Cleveland 1-0)
CLE (JPerry 0-0) @ DET (Coleman 0-2)
BAL (Cuellar 1-1) @ MIL (Champion 1-0)
CHW (Wood 1-3) @ MIN (Blyleven 3-1)
TEX (Wright 1-0) @ CAL (Singer 2-0)
KCR (Busby 1-1) @ OAK (Blue 4-0)

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  1. Love the descriptions. You even got some real time ‘quotes’ in there.

    Aaron Williams

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