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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 23, 1975 …


NYY 001 00 - 1 5 0
BOS 130 00 - 4 4 0
 * game called after two out in bottom of 5th due to weather 

NYY: Medich (L, 1-3) 4.2; Munson 4.2
BOS: Cleveland 4.1, Moret (W, 1-0) 0.2; Montgomery 5.0

NYY home runs: None
BOS home runs: Evans (2)

The game was shortened when rain rolled into Fenway as the game entered
the bottom of the fifth inning.  With the home team ahead, the game was called and
is considered complete.

Dock Medich got into some trouble in the first and second innings.  He started the game
in the first inning when Carbo was hit by a pitch.  That brought a warning from the
umpires before the game resumed.  Carbo would later score after the BoSox loaded the
bases and Fred Lynn grounded out to second base for the first out.

In the second inning Burleson led off with a double.  Two outs later Carbo walked bringing
the Dwight Evans to the plate with two on and two out.  BOOM!  Evans hit a bomb to
right center field to clear the bases and give the Red Sox a 4-0 lead.  It would be more
than enough as Reggie Cleveland kept the Yanks to one run and the rain came in during
the latter half of the fifth.


CLE 000 000 200 - 2  5 1
DET 211 400 01x - 9 14 0

CLE: JPerry (L, 0-1) 3.1, Buskey 2.2, Eckersly 2.0; Ellis 8.0
DET: Coleman (W, 1-2) 9.0; Freehan 9.0

CLE home runs: None
DET home runs: Sutherland 2 (3)

There's a secret being quickly passed throughout the American League.  If
you want your pitcher to look like the next Cy Young, have him face the club
from Cleveland.  The flip side of that coin is this: if your hitters are in a slump
have them bat against the Cleveland hurlers.

There is no joy in Mudville or in Cleveland these days.  Today's game was a long
affair highlighted by Gary Sutherland and Joe Coleman.  Sutherland went 3-4
with a double, two home runs, and four RBI's.

Coleman was able to hold Cleveland to five hits and two runs over nine innings for
the easy win.


BAL 000 000 000 - 0 3 1
MIL 011 000 00x - 2 6 1

BAL: Cuellar (L, 1-2) 8.0; Hendricks 8.0
MIL: Champion (W, 2-0) 9.0; Porter 9.0

No home runs

Bill Champion keeps pitching like one.  He goes nine innings out pitching
Baltimore lefty, Mike Cuellar.  Champion gives up just three hits over the
complete game surprising the heck out of the Oriole batters and manager.

"We've asked the league to look at some of the baseballs he threw tonight,"
manager, Earl Weaver said later to a reporter. "I've been in the a big leagues
as a manager for eight years and have never seen that kind of movement
from anybody."


TEX 001 000 000 - 1 5 3
CAL 001 010 00X - 2 5 1

TEX: Wright 7.2, Foucault (L, 0-3) 1.0; Sundberg 8.2
CAL: Singer (W, 3-0) 9.0; Egan 9.0

No home runs

Great pitching by both teams.  Singer allows only five hits and one run over
nine innings.  But it didn't seem like it was going to be enough.  Clyde Wright was
pitching fantastic on the Rangers side of the ball.  He had allowed only three
hits going into the eighth inning.  

With two outs Ramirez hit a single that found a hole between short and third.
Stanton pinch hit for Morris Nettles, who is only bating .184 on the season and
tends to struggle against lefties.  Stanton drilled the ball up the middle that hit
off Wright's hand.  Stanton was safe at first on the infield hit and took Wright
from the game.  Foucault came in to secure the inning.

On to the ninth.  After Singer quietly set the Rangers down Foucault took the
mound again to get the save.  Instead he found the pitcher's worst fears:
his club's inability to field the ball.  With one out Bochte sent a hard grounder
to second that Randle couldn't handle.  Dave Chalk sent a deep drive to left
field that Lovitto should have handled, but he lost it on the run and it deflected
off his glove allowing Bochte to score and leaving chalk at second base. Meoli
pinch hit for Sudakis and grounded out moving the runner just 90 feet away
from winning this game.  Egan came to the plate and sent a routine grounder to
short that should have ended the game, but Harrah throws wide pulling Spencer
off first and the winning run scores for California.  Unbelievable ending.


KCR 000 100 000 - 1 4 1
OAK 000 000 000 - 0 1 0

KCR: Busby (W, 2-1) 9.0; Martinez 9.0
OAK: Blue (L, 4-1) 9.0; Tenace 9.0

No home runs

There are games that are great and then there are games that are in an elite class.
This game was one of those elite games that will easily be remembered by the class
of '75 as one of the greatest.  Busby on the mound for the Royals versus Vida Blue
of the A's.  

The A's have been rolling all year long with terrific pitching and standout hitting.  The
only team that has done better on the season has been the extremely lucky Milwaukee
Brewers.  But tonight would be a night of struggles for the A's hitters.  With Vida Blue
on the mound for them, though, they still had a chance.

The Royals threatened in the first inning, but came up empty.  In the fourth McRae
walked and moved to second on a single by Killebrew.  George Brett singled to left
plating McRae.  Blue got out of the jam.  Blue's next hit allowed was a double in the
ninth inning.  He had retired 15 straight batters.  He got two quick ground outs to
end the ninth and his night.  1 run, 4 hits, 9 innings ... a night of a win, right?  No.

The Royals Steve Busby gave up a single with two outs in the first inning.  It would be
the ONLY hit of the night for the Athletics.  The Royals defense played spectacular
and Busby located all his pitches.  The A's batters looked absolutely helpless against
the right hander.  As good as Blue was, Busby was better.  And the winner of this game
was the fans.


Chicago at Minnesota was canceled due to weather (using AS PLAYED schedule)

and now a preview of April 24, 1975:
CHW (Wood 1-3) @ MIN (Blyleven 3-1)
TEX (Brown 0-1) @ CAL (Ryan 1-3)
KCR (Splittorff 3-0) @ OAK (Abbott 1-0)


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  1. Rick, the game write ups don’t match the linescores on a couple of these. KC vs Oak has Busby pitching a one hitter but the line score is a 12 inning 3-2 oak win. The Red Sox write up has Yaz homering, but Evans is listed in the line score. Enjoying following your season!

    • FIXED! and that is why i usually don’t do write ups in the early morning. i’m NOT a morning person. :-) thanks for the error notices.


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