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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 24, 1975 …


CHW 100 000 020 -  3 11 0
MIN 030 401 30x - 11 13 1

CHW: Wood (L, 1-4) 4.1, Osborn 1.2, Gogolewski 2.0; Downing 8.0
MIN: Blyleven (W, 4-1) 9.0; Borgmann 9.0

CHW home runs: Nyman (2)
MIN home runs: Kusick (1), Hisle 2 (4)

Nyman led off the game with a blast to the corner that just missed going out.  Brye,
the right fielder for the Twins, tried to race it down and collided with the fence and
knocked himself out.  By the time Ford got the ball in Nyman had touched them all
for an inside the park home run.  That would be the last of the ChiSox scoring until
the top of the eighth when four straight hits off Blyleven netted two more runs.

Blyleven took the hill for the Twins. Their bullpen was toast and they desperately
needed a complete game from the yakker king.  And that's just what he gave them.
He only gave up three runs while every starter on his team except their lead off hitter
garnered at least one hit during the game and Brye who was knocked out in the top
of the first.  Hisle homered twice and Kusick once.


KCR 110 004 010 - 7 17 2
OAK 400 000 010 - 5  7 1

KCR: Splittorff (W, 4-0) 5.0, Pattin 2.0, Bird 2.0; Stinson 7.0, Healy 2.0
OAK: Abbott (L, 1-1) 5.2, Todd 1.1, Lindblad 2.0; Tenace 9.0

KCR home runs: Killebrew (1), Otis (1)
OAK home runs: Rudi (4), Williams (5)

Splittorff was roughed up during the first inning allowing the first three guys
to reach base, loading the bases.  Joe Rudi came in and hit the grand salami
to give the A's a 4-1 lead after one inning.  While shaky during the first,
Splittorff settled into a groove and pitched fine until he was removed after
five innings.

In the top of the sixth the Royals battled back.  Killebrew hit a lead off homer
to pull the Kansas City ball club one run shy of the A's.  rojas hit a single as did
Stinson.  Wohlford hit a two out single to load the bases. Amos Otis showed he,
too, had a flair for the dramatic and hit his own grand slam.  Royals took the
lead with that blast and never looked back.


TEX 000 001 000 - 1  4 2
CAL 003 100 00x - 4 10 1

TEX: Brown (L, 0-2) 5.0, Thomas 2.0, Umbarger 1.0; Sundberg 8.0
CAL: Ryan (W, 2-3) 9.0; Egan 9.0

Special Note: Ryan struck out 15 batters

No home runs

Ryan was a little shaky in his last two starts, but pitched great tonight.
Texas had a lot of trouble keeping up with his fastball or tracking that
impressive curve.  

"I had the control I needed tonight," Ryan said after the game.  "It makes
an easier game if I don't end up pitching out of jams every other inning."

Sounds like class was in session in Pitching 101 - the Basics.


and now a preview of April 25, 1975:
MIL (Slaton 3-1) @ NYY (Dobson 1-1)
CLE (Eckersly 0-0) @ BAL (Grimsley 0-1)
BOS (Tiant 1-2) @ DET (Lolich 1-1)
CHW (Osteen 1-0) @ KCR (Fitzmorris 2-0)
OAK (Hamilton 1-0) @ CAL (Hassler 0-2)


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