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for statis pro baseball fans, this time of year is great. the regular season has just ended and all those great card makers out there are quickly scrambling to download the final season stats and crank out the latest greatest.  years ago, when avalon hill was the manufacturer of this great game, it took them months to get the set ready for print.  they didn’t have the luxury of the desktop computer  for the earliest of their seasons.  they relied on lots of manual calculations.  they also had to wait for several weeks before the final stats of major league baseball would be finalized and considered “official”.  but in today’s world, those things are laughable.

stats were ready within a day or two of the final out of the regular season (depending on where you got your numbers).  with the help of the intel chip, anyone with excel and some smarts can come up with the original formulas.  but the card makers of today have brought the game to a new level with tighter formulaic controls to tighten the accuracy of the results.  and those great card makers have already been busy, busy, busy!

Brian Yonushonis — PDF card sets already available!

John Goecken — 2010 ONLINE game already available!

Derrick Beckner— currently working on the Statis Pro Advanced set.

George Nebesnik — currently working on the DICE Baseball variant of statis pro baseball.

select the card maker that suits your style.  no matter which one you select, statis pro baseball is an awesome experience and you’re going to have a blast!



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2 responses to “the sets are coming out everywhere!

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  1. Hello all, thought I would voice a complaint/concern about the disappointment of the players list. Only 20 people since August, come on I know there’s more interest than that just by participation in all the SPB sites on the web! Obviously I have particular interest in those potential players in my area.

    Bruce Grogan
    • i totally agree, bruce. i really haven’t played this up hard, but will be in the next couple of weeks. ironically we had two join the list about within hours of your comment post. i’m ready to see this expand greatly. as you said, there are a lot of people on the various forums and groups. there’s not a reason this list shouldn’t be growing.


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