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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 25, 1975 …


BOS 000 002 001 2 - 5 9 2
DET 000 300 000 0 - 3 7 3

BOS: Tiant 7.0, Pole 1.0, Moret (W, 2-0), 1.0, Drago (Sv, 3) 1.0; Montgomery 8.0, Blackwell 2.0
DET: Lolich 8.2, Bare (L, 0-1) 0.2, Hiller 0.2; Freehan 10.0

No home runs

Tiant was solid until the fourth inning when he allowed a walk, single and double
all in a row.  Add an error into that mix and it's a 3-0 ball game.  But the BoSox would
not be outdone.  Lolich pitched great, but the defense behind him was faulty.  Veryzer
had three errors in the game; two of them in the sixth inning that allowed two runs.
Top of the ninth and Lolich allows a triple with two outs.  The manager came out, but
Lolich wanted to finish.  Instead he gave up a double to Rick Miller that tied the game.
Bare came in to pitch and finished the inning.  In the top of the 10th, Bare allowed
two base runners.  In comes Hiller to close the door.  But he didn't.  Instead he allowed
two more base hits and both of Bare's base runners cross the plate.  Detroit slipped
quietly into the loss column in their half of the 10th.


CHW 400 005 000 - 9 10 0
KCR 100 002 000 - 3  8 3

CHW: Osteen (W, 2-0) 6.2, Forster 1.1, Gossage 1.0; Downing 9.0
KCR: Fitzmorris (L, 2-1) 5.1, McDaniel 1.2, Mingori 2.0; Martinez 9.0

CHW home runs: none
KCR home runs: Otis (2)

Chicago opened the game with hits, hits, and more hits.  Nyman doubled,
Kelly doubled, Henderson tripled, Mays singled.  When the dust settled
The ChiSox had themselves a 4-0 lead.  Fitzmorris, the Royals starting pitcher
couldn't believe it.  Now it was Kansas City's turn to get back into this game
before it got out of control.  Otis solo homered, but that was all KC
could muster in the first inning.

Fitzmorris settled down and kept the White Sox batters off balance until
the top of the sixth when it started all over again.  This time the first batter
that scored was due to a Patek error.  That seemed to unhinge the right
hander and three hits later, Fitzmorris was sipping suds with the clubby.
The White Sox added five more runs in that frame and sealed the deal.
Kansas City plated two in the bottom half of the sixth, but that ended the
scoring for both teams.


OAK 510 000 002 1 - 9 15 1
CAL 110 006 000 0 - 8 13 0

OAK: Hamilton 3.0, Todd 2.0, Lindblad 2.0, Fingers (W, 1-1); Tenace 8.0, Fosse 2.0
CAL: Hassler 3.0, Pena 3.0, Scott 2.0, Kirkwood 0.1, Figueroa (L, 0-1) 1.2; Rodriguez 10.0

OAK home runs: Jackson (6)
CAL home runs: None

Hassler made a mess of things in the first inning.  He allowed the A's to
send ten to the batters to the plate and score five runs.  California answers
with one run in their half of the inning.

The A's score another run in the second inning when Billy Williams crushes
a double to right center to score Reggie Jackson.  California answers with
another solo run.

Pitching settled down for a few innings, but both starters were gassed after
three and had to go to their respective bullpens a lot earlier than they wanted.

In the bottom half of the sixth inning Todd and Lindblad both struggle for the
A's allowing the Angels to score six runs.  California used the typical formula
for offensive success: lots of singles and extra base hits.  Seven hits and six
runs later the Angels have taken a two run lead.  Could the pen hold?

In the top of the ninth Kirkwood takes the hill and is looking to shut down
the A's.  He doesn't.  He allowed three hits before turning the ball over to
Ed Figueroa, who had recently been called up from the minors.  With a
fully depleted pen, the Angels didn't have a choice but to call on the young
right handed starting pitcher.  He allows another single that scores the A's
second run and we have a tie game.

Fingers goes to work for his second inning, but now with the game tied.
Rodriguez gets on base with a two base error by Reggie.  Remy sacrifices
him over to third base.  With one out and a man at third Fingers intentionally
walks Ramirez and Nettles to load the bases.  Rivers sends a fly ball to right,
but it's not deep enough to score Rodriguez.  In hind sight, the Angels should
have pinch run for Rodriguez.  If they had, the runner probably would have
scored.  That mistake on California's part proved costly.  The Angels next batter
grounds into a fielder's choice to end the inning and we're moving into extras.

Reggie Jackson is the first batter up for the tenth inning.  Figueroa works him
carefully, but on a 2-2 count leaves a little too much ball in the no-no zone and
the bopper takes him yard to give the A's a one run lead.  That would be enough
as the Angels went quietly and quickly, 1-2-3 in the bottom of the tenth.


The Milwaukee at New York and Cleveland at Baltimore games were canceled due to weather (using AS PLAYED schedule)

and now a preview of April 26, 1975:
MIL (Slaton 3-1) @ NYY (Dobson 1-1)
CLE (GPerry 0-4) @ BAL (Grimsley 0-1)
CLE (Torrez 1-1) @ BAL (Bosman 0-1)
BOS (Lee 1-2) @ DET (Ruhle 0-0)
CHW (Bahnsen 0-2) @ KCR (Briles 0-2)
TEX (Hands 1-1) @ MIN (Albury 0-2)
OAK (Holtzman 2-2) @ CAL (Tanana 0-0)


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