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i’ve been working on this site since june.  but it wasn’t until august that i started to advertise it.  and you know what?  in these two months, we’ve had over 9,000 hits.  9k!  that’s a lot of traffic.  there is a lot of interest in this game.  sure it’s been officially off the market for nearly two decades, but many people remember this game, love this game, and are probably still PLAYING this game.

so where are you all?  here’s what i think … i think the vast majority of people are now wrapped up in replays.  those that are still flipping the FAC are doing their own thing on their own time at their own pace.  and while that’s all fine and good, it’s not enough.  really, it’s not.  i have my own replay going, so i really do understand.  don’t slam me for coming down on you replayers out there because i am one of you.  but i also know that this game can and should also be played face to face or VIRTUAL face to face (using AIM chat rooms and skype).

we’ve become too self absorbed.  yeah, life is stressful.  yeah we need a break.  but what better way to get a break than playing a great game and hanging out with some friends (making them, if you’re joining a league).  baseball isn’t meant to be a closet sport where you have to make all the decisions for both teams.  get someone else’s perspective and decision making involved.

have you ever played chess by yourself?  BORING!!  and  while SP isn’t quite as boring as solo-chess, it can become a drag and it’s more fun to challenge yourself against someone else.

league play … i’m in two different leagues.  both of them use dynasty league baseball as the game of choice.  one is my own and the other is a league out of toronto.  in both leagues the majority of games are played online.  it ties up a bit of time over the weeks, but not substantially.  in my league we have 16 teams and play a 60 game schedule.  the other league is made up of 24 teams and they play out 72 games.

trust me, it does take a little bit of time, but it’s time you would probably be wasting doing something inane like watching the discovery channel.  with as little as two hours per week, you could be hammering out a three or four game series against another opponent.

now i know another “problem” or “opportunity”, as the corporate world likes to call them, is that i’m not marketing any one game.  this site is a portal, if you will, for all things statis pro.  that means that there are multiple people selling different variations of the game.  but if you use that as your excuse not to start finding opponents than you probably only buy gas at ONE filling station.  “i can’t buy gas from that other gas station because it’s not brand X.”  c’mon.  i don’t buy that excuse.

so free yourself up, take a chance, reach out and sign up for the player list.  click HERE and send me your name, city/state, and if you want to play face-to-face, computer, or both.  it’s that simple.  then others will start contacting you OR you can contact them.

so with all this traffic, all this interest, isn’t it time to sign up?  i promise i’m not going to sell your info.  but i am going to see if we can get something drummed up with the idea of a league or leagues.  i’ve been involved in leagues for 20 years.  it’s as much fun today as it was in the beginning.  AND i can still do a replay on the side.

trust me, no one, and i mean NO ONE, is as busy as i am.  but we’re not talking a lot of time.  we ARE talking a lot of fun.  so come on, click on the link, send me the details and let’s get this thing going and growing!



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  1. I play Statis-Pro, and I enjoy it…you can do a game in 20 to 30 minutes, and make all the managerial decisions. I like the “greatest teams set” I bought on the web a couple of years ago. It’s fun to have Babe Ruth batting behind Derek Jeter.

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