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the Texas Rangers will be taking on the San Francisco Giants for the 2010 MLB World Series Championship.  and its going to be done online in an AIM chatroom using skype to give it the faux face-to-face feel.

i’ve been talking about being able to play statis pro online.  it’s been something i’ve been pushing for some time now.  i KNOW it can be done because i run a 16 team league that plays a 60 game schedule.  i’ve been running it for 12 years with team owners all across north america.  we use a different game for that league, but it has been done very successfully.  i think a 12 year run with 16 teams is a good example of success.  so now i’m branching out.

a good friend of mine, actually the one who introduced me to the greatness known as Statis Pro, will be managing the Texas Rangers and i’ll be taking the helm of the San Francisco Giants team.  we’re going to duke it out and i’ll be posting the results right here.  so feel free to follow along and we’ll see how our games match up to real life.

i can hardly wait!



Posted 10/25/2010 by rick in Baseball, online, Statis Pro

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