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game four was played using the Statis Pro Advanced set provided by Derrick Beckner. this is a sneak preview of the world series teams only and i’m thankful he was willing to jump ahead in his schedule to get the to world series teams completed for this series. each game i’ll be alternating between the card set provided by Brian Y (in the traditional AH style – and a VERY good card set, btw) and statis pro advanced. so tonight, the Advanced version.

the Rangers came into game four trailing 2-1 in the series. they lost last night in a heart breaking 9th inning meltdown, but were hoping to regroup for this game. on the mound for the Giants is Madison Bumgarner. and for the home town Rangers, Tommy Hunter.

now a baseball question for you, the reader: if you’re team makes three errors in the game, how do you win? by scoring a bunch of runs. that’s what happened in game four. let’s take a gander, shall we …

1st inning – Giants
Torres strikes out for the first out of game four. One out.
Sanchez slashes a line drive right up the middle that Tommy Hunter snags. Two outs.
Huff sends a bouncer to first that Moreland can’t find the handle. Safe at first on the error. Two outs, runner at first.
Posey pops up to short stop. Three outs.

1st inning – Rangers
Andrus singles to center. Runner at first.
Young walks. Andrus moves up. Runners at first and second.
Hamilton singles to left field. Ross gets it and fires it towards the plate, but Andrus is safe. Runners at first and second. 1-0
Guerrero singles to left to load the bases.
Cruz pops up in front of the plate. One out, bases loaded.
Kinsler singles to right field. Young and Hamilton both score. One out, runners at the corners. 3-0
Francoeur grounds towards the middle. Sanchez flips to short, but they can’t turn the DP. Guerrero scores. Two outs, runner at first. 4-0
Molina flies to right. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 4-0

2nd inning – Giants
Ross spanks a shot to the gap and stops at second with a double. Runner at second.
Uribe grounds out to to Hunter. One out, runner at third.
Ishikawa hits a grounder to the right side of the mound. Hunter’s only play is at first while Ross scores. Two outs. 4-1
Renteria hits a long drive to left that doesn’t quite have enough to go the distance. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 4-1

2nd inning – Rangers
Moreland flies out to shallow right field. One out.
Andrus grounds out to second. Two outs.
Young flies out to left. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 4-1

3rd inning – Giants
Schierholtz doubles to the right field corner. Runner at second.
Torres hits a grounder to first. The runner moves up. One out, runner at third.
Sanchez hits a long fly ball to center (or centre for my canadian friends) for a sac fly. Two outs, 4-2
Huff hits a squibber in front of the plate. Molina’s throw pulls Moreland off the base. SAFE on the error. Two outs, runner on first.
Posey hits a fly ball to right field to end the inning. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 4-2

3rd inning – Rangers
Hamilton flies out to deep right. One out.
Guerrero singles to right. One out, runner at first.
Cruz flies out to left. Two outs, runner at first.
Kinsler singles to shallow right. Two outs, runners at first and second.
Francoeur hits a tapper to the left of the mound. Bumgarner throws wild. Guerrero scores on the play. Two outs, runners at first and second. 5-2
Molina flies out to center. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 5-2

4th inning – Giants
Ross strikes out. One out.
Uribe flies out to left. Two outs.
Ishikawa grounds out to second. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 5-2

4th inning – Rangers
Moreland pops up to Posey. One out.
Andrus strikes out. Two outs.
Young grounds out to second. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 5-2

5th inning – Giants
Renteria hits the first pitch Hunter offers to open the fifth. HOME RUN. 5-3
Schierholtz grounds out to second. One out.
Torres strikes out. Two outs.
Sanchez hits a slow roller to short. Andrus charges in, scoops, and fires. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 5-3

5th inning – Rangers
Hamilton hits a dribbler to third and legs out a single. Runner at first.
Guerrero cranks one down the line. It stays fair and bounces into the corner. Hamilton scores. Runner at second. 6-3
– manager removes Bumgarner and replaces him with Casilla.
Cruz grounds out to third and Guerrero moves up on the play. One out, runner at third.
Kinsler singles to right. One out, runner on first. 7-3
Francoeur hits a liner just over the outstretched glove of Renteria at short. One out, runners at first and second.
Molina hits into a 4-6 fielder’s choice. Not sure how he legged it out. Two outs, runners at first and third.
Moreland strikes out to close the frame. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 7-3

6th inning – Giants
Huff pops it up and Young comes in from third to snag it. One out.
Posey doubles to left field. It bounces hard off the base of the wall and Cruz overruns it. Posey scores on the error. 7-4
Ross grounds out to second. Two outs.
Uribe lines out to short. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 7-4

6th inning – Rangers
Andrus grounds out to second base. One out.
Young smashes a grounder to first that Ishikawa handles himself. Two outs.
Hamilton doubles to left. Two outs, runner at second.
Guerrero grounds out to short. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 7-4

7th inning – Giants
Ishikawa singles to right field. Runner at first.
Renteria sends a hard grounder to short. Andrus to Kinsler to Moreland. DOUBLE PLAY. Two outs.
Schierholtz strikes out. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 7-4

7th inning – Rangers
as God Bless America is playing the Giants pen is active.
– manager removes Casilla and brings in Romo.

Cruz strikes out. One out.
Kinsler grounds out to the catcher. Two outs.
Francoeur strikes out. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 7-4

8th inning – Giants
– manager replaces Hunter with Oliver to pitch.
Torres strikes out. One out.
Sanchez flies out to center field. Two outs.
Huff pops it up to first. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 7-4

8th inning – Rangers
– manager removes Romo and brings in Mota.
Molina grounds out to first. One out.
Moreland strikes out. Two outs.
Andrus singles to center field. Two outs, runner at first.
Young singles to center. Andrus got a good jump and is safe standing at third. Two outs, runners at the corners.
Hamilton walks after two scary hits that barely went foul. Two outs, bases loaded.
– manager removes Mota and brings in Lopez.
Guerrero sends a routine grounder to short to end the threat. Three outs.
RANGERS lead 7-4

9th inning – Giants
– Feliz replaces Olvier and will pitch.
Posey strikes out. One out.
Ross grounds back to the mound. Two outs.
Uribe hits a hard grounder right at Michael Young at third. Easy throw. Three outs. Tied up series!
RANGERS WIN 7-4 and the series is tied 2-2.

The stuff:
SFG 011 011 000 - 4  5 1
TEX 401 020 00x - 7 13 3

SFG - Bumgarner (L) 4.0, Casilla 2.0, Romo 1.0, Mota 0.2, Lopez 0.1; Posey 8.0
TEX - Hunter (W) 7.0, Oliver 1.0, Feliz (Sv) 1.0; Molina 9.0

SFG HR: Renteria
TEX HR: None

as this game came to a close and i was working on the write ups, the Giants in real life closed the door for game four. they now lead the series 3-1 and it’s not looking too promising for the Rangers. but in baseball anything can happen. lee may come out and pitch as he has the entire playoffs with the exception of his last game against the Giants. if that’s the case, they have a realistic chance. my prediction was Giants in five games. with lincecum on the mound for San Fran, my prediction has a very high probability.

but here in this illustrious replay, we’re knotted at two games apiece. every time i get these two teams on the field i’m really drawn to just how strong the Rangers hitting is. there’s not many weak spots in the lineup. while the Giants pen has done a remarkable job, they’re having to pitch too much, meaning their starters aren’t getting deep enough into the game. that part is a little frustrating. their starting nine is respectable with some very bright spots in there, but there bench is pretty weak overall. they’re a scrappy team that relies on it’s pitching. it’s back to lincecum and cain for the next two. will they be able to hold off lee and whomever throws for the Rangers in game six? we’ll find out.

one more note. the Giants have won both games using Brian’s traditional card set. the Rangers have won both of their games when it’s played with Statis Pro Advanced. not reading anything more into that. it was just an observation.

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  1. Thank you very much for simulating these. I enjoy reading them shortly after the games unfold. The best part for me of Statis Pro or games that everyone enjoys is the ability to re-play\re-write history. Also, keeps the long winters just a little bit shorter.

    Brian Yonushonis

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