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oh, wait … I DID.  yeah that was me.  we’ve got 25 on the “player’s list” and i think there are more lurking out there that haven’t wanted to make any commitment.  but i think it’s high time we start talking about a Statis Pro League.  i’d love to do a retro league, however i think it will be more feasible and have more interest to use modern teams.  if i’m wrong, SPEAK UP!!

i’ve been in various baseball leagues for over twenty years.  i’m commissioner of a league that recently completed it’s 12th season (still in the middle of the playoffs, but the regular season is done).  the people in the league are spread out all over north america.  with the beauty and ease of online play using chat rooms it’s just like sitting across from your opponent and hammering out the game.  you get to make all the normal decisions and try to counteract their decisions.  juggle your lineup, bring in a pinch hitter or a pinch runner, hit and run, guard the line, intentionally walk the batter, try for the steal or the extra base with your runners, decide when to bring in your set up man and closer … it’s YOUR decision.  YOU get to be the manager.

so speak up!  are you interested?  it’ll work.  ya gotta trust me.  i’ve been doing this for a long, long time.  the only difference is changing games from one (DLB) to the great Statis Pro.  i blogged about online play a few weeks ago. i KNOW it works.  using the tabletop game of Statis Pro, you can play ONLINE against real opponents.  this isn’t a computer/video game.  its Statis Pro the way you remember with a few modern modifications.

i will tell you in advance that the league, if i have anything to say about it, will be using Statis Pro Advanced.  with the lefty/righty splits for both pitchers and hitters, it makes the game comparable with DLB and Strat while keeping the same easy feel and flow of Statis Pro.

the basic structure of the league will be as follows:

  • limited player pool (so it’s not all stars all around)
  • salary cap, keeper league (similar to rotisserie), but using FAKE money
  • shorter schedule to ensure completion.  anywhere from 40-60 games depending on the amount of teams in the league
  • two or three games per week (about 2 hours per week)
  • played in AIM chat rooms (f-t-f if we get some owners in the same area)
  • other rules are optional and we’ll discuss after we get all ownership in place
  • league would start in the spring (March-ish)

so who’s interested?  after you tell me you’re definitely in, think of some of your baseball buddies or buddettes.  do you know someone that would really enjoy testing their baseball knowledge and managerial skills?

so CLICK HERE and send me an email.



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  1. Very interested. Count me in. I’m not fully familiar with SP Advanced (specially concerning pitcher reduction and clutch results) and also, I am francophone, so there may be some errors in my english writing and speaking, but I’m in!


    PS Very interesting replay of the world series and of the 1975 season!

    JF Demers

    Jean-Francois Demers
    • i had a friend from quebec that was in my Dynasty League … his english wasn’t perfect, but he had a sound baseball mind and loved to play the games. if that’s how you are, i don’t care at all how many errors there are in your writing and speaking. we can work through that.

      we’re up to eight for sure (counting you) and four on the fence … waiting for confirmations as they think about it a bit more. right now i don’t have a cut off on the amount of teams. the more, the better. so if there are others reading this and they want to get in on the FIRST YEAR EVER of this statis pro league, send me an email!


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