Get in on the SPBL’s First Season   3 comments

a couple of weeks ago i announced that there would be a new Statis Pro Advanced League starting up.  we now have 10 owners in place, but there’s room for YOU.  we’ve set a deadline of december 1.  so if you’ve been thinking about it, but have been holding off, now’s the time to sign up!  everyone wants to know just what kind of manager they are … can you beat the others in the league?  can you win the Statis Pro Baseball League championship?  it’s time to find out.  below are some basics about our upcoming league.

  • Can you manage better than me?

    use Statis Pro Advanced card set and will be playing the games online using AIM chat rooms

  • will be a RETRO league (groovy, baby) starting with the 1974 season
  • season length to be determined based on amount of owners.  range is 44 – 60 games (no more than 60)
  • would begin early next year (around march) and end around september
  • auction league with FAKE dollars (no need to bring real money to this table)
  • with the short schedule, owners only have 2 or 3 games per week with some off weeks built in for vacations and such
    (would require a couple of hours per week when there are games)
  • FUN!!

this is our first season.  we want it to be a successful one.  i’ve run leagues before that have done super well.  and do you know what would make this league even better than everything i’ve already mentioned?  YOU.  send me an email and join in the fun!



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3 responses to “Get in on the SPBL’s First Season

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  1. One question: what rules are we playing with?

    Allconnect.neten Iott
    • hi allen! we’ll be using Statis Pro Advanced (derrick beckner’s card set). we’ll follow those general rules for game play, but we will be discussing additional rules that will be league specific sometime in december or january. an example is a player who has VERY low number of AB against L or R or both … they shouldn’t be used as a regular player. that’s just an example of one rule to discuss. the league structure is relatively up … it’s a rough draft and might need some tweaking. you can view that HERE. i sent you an email. hopefully you got it.


  2. Count me in.

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