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for me baseball is a year round activity.  whether its playing in leagues (in two and starting the Statis Pro Baseball League), watching it, coaching it, replaying the 75 American League, or just reading about it, baseball occupies a great portion of my life.  it always has.  but every now and then its ok to stop, take a moment, and acknowledge all the blessings we’ve been given.

times are tough.  many are struggling financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  we live in a very difficult time.  just yesterday it appears a war has broken out on the other side of the world.  maybe that’s why i use baseball … its an escape from all that is going on around me.  but i also know that i am very blessed.

i live in a country that still espouses freedom in spite of the TSA.  freedom is our core and when things upset that balance, the people rise up and make sure they are heard loud and clear.  we have the freedom to do that.  we have the freedom to take a variety of political, social, and spiritual stances and not fear our government throwing us in prison for speaking out our beliefs.

our country has survived for over 200 years.  while things may seem in an upheaval at the moment, i am convinced that the united states is still the greatest country on this earth.  and if you disagree, that’s ok because you have the freedom to believe what you want.

today is thanksgiving.  so stop for just two minutes and think about all you have been given.  gratitude may be the most overlooked aspect of our lives.  we take so many things for granted and never stop to say thank you.  give someone a call today. family, co-worker, friend … doesn’t matter.  thank them for being in your life.  and don’t forget to thank God for the life he’s given you.

i’m thankful to all of you, my readers.  i hope you enjoy your thanksgiving.



Posted 11/25/2010 by rick in Statis Pro

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