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its december and there is a lot going on.  the holidays are here and that always puts a slowdown in the path of the ADD brain.  all these parties, get-togethers, special dinners, family gatherings … don’t these people know we’ve got tabletop baseball games to talk about and play!?  obviously not.  you would think in my 45 years those in my life would have learned my ways by now, but nope.

my wife had been out of town helping my stepdaughter who went into labor a week ago.  her water hasn’t broken, but she’s had continual back labor pains for a full week.  the hospital, a military hospital, has told her, “go home, do some walking.  if your water breaks or the contractions get worse, come back.”  but while the mrs was away, i was fully responsible for my stepson who has Duchennes MD.  that’s a monumental task that the entire family chips in to help since he is unable to do anything for himself.  but with my wife gone, all of the primary needs fell on my shoulders.  gaming came to a major slowdown for me for about a week.

this weekend is a couple of parties, some private coaching sessions, and continuing to get the brand new SPBL (statis pro baseball league) fully functional.  speaking of the SPBL, we have ONE OPENING.  first come, first serve.  the league will start in March, though the prep work is well under way.  our season will only be 50 games long and there will be plenty of time to get those done.  playing online.  it’s gonna be a blast.  you KNOW you want in.  so email me and let me know!

the 1975 AL replay had been in a major slowdown since thanksgiving.  but last night i had some time and locked myself away with the cards in front of me.  i had a blast as i went through several games and was able to conclude april 30th.  today and tomorrow i’ll get the write ups done and posted, so watch for those soon.

the next big step will be doing some analysis between april 1975 real life vs april 1975 replay.  soon, friends, soon.



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