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let’s take a quick glance at what happened on the reprise of april 30, 1975 …

DET 200 000 101 - 4 8 0
MIL 000 100 001 - 2 5 1

DET: Lemanczyk (W, 1-0) 8.0, Hiller (Sv, 3) 1.0; Freehan 9.0
MIL: Slaton (L, 4-2) 7.0, Hausman 1.0, Murphy 1.0; Porter 9.0

DET home runs: Horton (6)
MIL home runs: Lezcano (2)

The Tigers jumped out to a quick lead with a two run homer
by Willie Horton in the first inning.  The homer was the sixth
of the year for Horton and tied him for the league lead with
Reggie Jackson and Billy Williams of Oakland.

Milwaukee struggled a bit during the first three innings before
hitting the scoreboard with a solo home run by Sixto Lezcano
in the bottom of the fourth.

Detroit starter, Dave Lemanczyk, settled down after that and kept the Brew Crew
in check the rest of the way.  In the bottom of the ninth John Hiller came in to shut
down the Brewers and preserve the win.  He made it scarier than it should have been
allowing one run and leaving the tying run stranded at second when he struck out
the final batter of the game.  But a win is a win and the Tigers didn't allow this game
to get away.

CLE 000 00 - 0 4 1
BOS 010 0* - 1 2 1
* Game called due to rain

CLE: GPerry (L, 0-6) 4.0; Ellis 4.0
BOS: Tiant (W, 2-2) 5.0; Montgomery 3.0, Blackwell 2.0

CLE home runs: none
BOS home runs: Lynn (3)

Gaylord Perry may be having one of his unluckiest seasons in his career.  He was pitching
well, but sees the game end short when a drizzle turns into a rain which turns into a rain
out.  He gave up only two hits.  The first was a solo homer by rookie, Fred Lynn.  That
would be all the scoring in the shortened game.

Tiant, pitching for the Bosox, scattered four hits over five innings for the shut out.
"The ball was slippery today, but I throw pretty good," Tiant said after the game.
Good enough, El Tiante.  Good enough.


BAL 100 210 000 - 4 12 0
NYY 000 001 000 - 1  8 0

BAL: Torrez (W, 2-1) 9.0; Duncan 9.0
NYY: Dobson (L, 1-3) 9.0; Munson 9.0

BAL home runs: Don Baylor (3)
NYY home runs: none

Dobson struggled early in the game allowing ten base runners
in the first five innings.  He was helped tremendously by his
defense as they turned double plays in the first three innings
to get him out of those jams.  Ultimately those first innings
would come back to haunt him as the Yankees offense struggled
against the O's starter.

Mike Torrez, who walked a season high ten batters in his first
outing of the season for the Orioles, walked only two while getting
customarily good defense from the Oriole club.  


CAL 004 000 100 - 5 9 0
KCR 000 000 000 - 0 4 1

CAL: Tanana (W, 1-0) 9.0; Rodriguez 9.0
KCR: Fitzmorris (L, 2-2) 7.0, Pattin 2.0; Martinez 9.0

No home runs

This game looked like it might be a good matchup.  California was sending a solid
pitcher to the mound with young, southpaw Frank Tanana.  He seemed good enough
to keep the Royals bats struggling.  Fitzmorris, pitching for the Royals, wouldn't
be quite as good as Tanana, but the Angels offense wasn't as potent.  Should make
it an even game.  It wasn't.

Tanana did just what he was supposed to do.  He kept the Royals hitters off balance
throughout the game.  He allowed two infield singles in the second inning and then didn't
give up another hit until the bottom of the eighth.  When the game was over he yielded
four hits, one walk and struck out eight en route to a complete game shut out victory.

Meanwhile Fitzmorris threw batting practice in the top of the third inning allowing the
Angels to bat around.  He was hindered by an error by Wohlford that allowed a run in and
extended the inning.  Before the third was over he had given up four runs, two earned.

And while the Royals were facing a tough left hander, their offense continues to
struggle this season.  Their team record dropped to 11-9 and their team batting average
is dead last in the league at .210.


CHW 002 030 001 01 - 7 13 3
TEX 020 121 000 00 - 6 13 4

CHW: Bahnsen 4.1, Forster 1.2, Osborn 3.0, Upshaw (W, 1-1) 2.0; Downing 11.0
TEX: Bibby 7.0, Foucalt 1.1, Merritt (L, 0-1) 1.2, Thomas 1.0; Sundberg 11.0

CHW home runs: none
TEX home runs: Spencer (1), Howell (1)

There are good games, average games, and then these games.
The longer this game went on, the more I wanted to just leave
the stands like so many fans would have if this were an actual game.
Every time these two teams take the field I cringe at just how
atrocious their fielding is.  Today they faced each other and the
game would be just painful to watch.

Texas drew blood first when they got the Chisox defense bumbling in the
second inning.  Hargrove hit a single to left field that Nyman mishandled
allowing Hargrove to get to second on the error.  Howelll and Sundberg both
walked to load the bases with two outs.  Tovar hit a double to drive in two,
but Sundbeg missed the sign at third and tried to score on the play and was
thrown out.

The White Sox came right back in the top of the third when Downing singled and moved
to third on a double by Pat Kelly. Both runners scored on a Carlos May single to center
to tie the game at two.

The Rangers retook the lead when Roy Howell hit his first homer of the season in the
bottom of the fourth inning.

Texas showed their ability to bobble the ball in the top of the fifth when Toby Harrah
let a ball hit off the end of his glove and allowing a run to come in.  Chicago would
score three runs, only one earned.

Bahnsen wasn't to be outdone in his ability to give away games and took it upon himself
to let the Rangers tie the game when Jeff Burroughs doubled and Jim Spencer homered.
That would be all for Bahnsen.

The Rangers scored another run in the bottom of the sixth to take the lead 6-5 and the
score would remain there until the top of the ninth inning.  

Foucault was on the mound for the Rangers and trying to close out the win.  He didn't.
With one out he allowed a double by Pat Kelly.  Orta lined a shot back at Foucault who
took the hit off his pitching hand.  It was an infield single that moved Kelly to third and
Foucault to the locker room.  Merritt came in to see if they could get the save.  Stein,
pinch hitting for May hit a double play grounder to first, but sure handed Mike Hargrove
misplayed the ball and Kelly scored.  It was the third error by the Rangers in the game
breaking a 2-2 error tie with Chicago.

In the top of the eleventh Orta came to bat and he hit a single to right field.  Burroughs
charge the ball, but didn't get his glove all the way down and the ball rolled right on by him.
Orta would make it to third base on the single plus two base error by Burroughs.  Thomas
came in to pitch and proceeded to give up a single to Stein, allowing the go ahead run to
cross the plate.

Bottom of the eleventh.  Cecil Upshaw is on the mound trying to close out the game and
preserve a win.  He strikes out Lenny Randle.  Jeff Burroughs lines to short, but Bucky Dent
is right there for out number two.  Mike Hargrove singled to keep the Ranger hopes alive.
Jim Spencer then hits a grounder to Dent's right side.  Dent comes up withe ball and fires
across the diamond, but the ball is thrown poorly and Muser can't dig it out and it gets past
him.  Hargrove stops at third and Spencer is at second on the two base error.  But Harrah
ends the game (mercifully) with a grounder to short.  The Chisox win on the scoreboard 7-6,
but the Rangers beat them in errors 4-3.  The scoreboard is the only win that matters.
Seven errors combined in the game.  U-G-L-Y.

Oakland at Minnesota canceled due to weather (using ‘As Played’ schedule)

and now a preview of May 1, 1975:

CLE (JPerry 0-2) @ BOS (Lee 1-3)
DET (Ruhle 1-0) @ MIL (Broberg 3-1)
CHW (Kaat 3-2) @ TEX (Wright 1-0)
BAL (Palmer 2-1) @ NYY (Hunter 5-0)
CAL (Figueroa 0-1) @ KCR (Briles 0-3)


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