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i’ve had a lot going on personally and its kept me at a distance from this site.  i hate that and anticipate that changing course in the next few days when my mrs returns home.

Melissa and Bella

i’m happy to say that i’m a grandpa again (third time, all girls).  my daughter in north carolina had her first baby yesterday morning.  the little blessing came two weeks before her due date and still weighed over 8 pounds.  for those of you across the pond, take that monetary price and convert it to the metric weight system.  i can’t keep up with all of that.  ;-)  my wife has been with my daughter since christmas eve helping her during the last few days before delivery.  she comes back home late new years day and i’m anxious for her return.

Richie at his 25th birthday party

when my wife is gone, i’m responsible for my handicapped son.  anyone who cares for a handicapped individual knows it can be a taxing task at times.  my son, who is 25, has duchennes muscular dystrophy.  he was diagnosed at nine and permanently in a wheel chair by the time he was 11.  when he was diagnosed at nine the doctors told him the average lifespan of a person with this disease was 12.  that’s a huge thing to throw at a kid.  thankfully medicine has come along way since then, especially within cardiac and pulmonary fields.  the average lifespan is now considered late teens or early twenties.  he’s beyond that at 25.  most of the friends he had with the same disease have now passed on, but my son keeps his faith.  he’s a firm believer in Jesus Christ and hopes for a miraculous healing.  all i know is that either on this side of eternity or the other, my son will walk again. for more information about duchennes muscular dystrophy or how you can help my son get some specialized treatment, you can visit his site.

but while his mom is gone, all his needs have fallen to my shoulders and i haven’t had the time to get any gaming in.  its frustrating, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  my better half will be home late saturday.  at that point (ok, more like sometime sunday afternoon) i’ll get back into the card flipping and playing out some games.


in other news the SPBL (Statis Pro Baseball League) is taking shape.  we have our fourteen owners in place and have decided on the pool teams.  player lists will be released in early January and a rules discussion will take place sometime in mid-late January.  its all taking shape as we prepare for our inaugural season.  its a retro league being played ONLINE and using the 1974 statis pro advanced card set.  and as a caveat, we’re international!  we’ve got two owners from europe.  i guess there’s not enough tabletop cricket games on the market.  :-)

that brings you up to speed with this site and my life.  as we enter the last couple days of 2010 i hope you take stock of your year and count the blessings you know of and those you may have overlooked.  i wish a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year to all of you.



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