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this may be my favorite time of the year … spring training. the pitchers and catchers have started reporting to camps. some are showing up with their winter girth (Joba or is it Jabba?) while others have been working out for the last several months and showing up in the best shape of their lives. i’m not casting stones at all since i’m carrying my weight and the weight of several small nations in my waistband, but then again, i’m not being paid an uber salary to be an athlete.  i would LOVE to have to work out all day every day and get paid for it.  somebody PLEASE offer me that gig.

the rest of the players should start straggling in over the next week or two (or longer for those awaiting renewed visas).  they will start running, throwing long toss, and get their swings refined before the spring training games get started.  players reporting to new teams, whether through trade or via free agency will be camp highlights as well.  will the newly signed free agent turn this club around?  and then you have new managers like clint hurdle of pittsburgh.  will his style help change the laughingstock pirates back into a legitimate team to contend?  probably not this year, but who knows.

every team is hopeful.  every team believes they have a chance.  even those who are perennial losers have hope that the stars will align and key players on other teams will fall to injury.  everyone is looking to those great prospects that are slipping into camp.  who will make the cut and who will be sent packing for the minors with dreams of being called up again mid-season?

i’ve even started gathering my little league team together.  our first full practice is the 25th of this month.  we’ll be about a month ahead of the other teams.  since we’re going to be playing a level up (5th and 6th playing against 7th and 8th), it’s important to get ready early.  the kids are all excited and have been asking about practices for a couple of weeks now.  it helps that the ice and cold weather have moved out of the area.  this week has been in the mid-70s every day.

yes, it’s a great time of the year.  it’s also a time when all the roto leagues start up and people blow the dust off their favorite tabletop baseball games.  i’m very active in Dynasty League and am in two separate leagues.  i run one of them which means i’ve already been firing on all cylinders trying to get the season prepared for our annual auction.  the other league starts up about a month later … early april to be exact.   then there is the Statis Pro Baseball League.  we’re gathering the troops and putting on the final touches to our inaugural season.

now that i’ve mentioned the SPBL let me give you some update  on a couple of things.  we have 9 for sure owners in place and are trying to nail down the tenth.  we’ve got one guy who will hopefully respond today, but if he doesn’t, that means we’ll have one opening to fill.  it’ll be a 10 team league and we’ll play 44 games using the 1974 season (retro, yeah, groovy).

the other item is the 1975 AL replay … i’ve been busy with a TON of family stuff over the last couple of months, but have started playing the games again.  watch for a posting in the next week with the latest games.

i just can never get enough baseball … i trust you’re the same way.



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