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spring training has started and trying to keep me off the mlb and espn baseball sites are next to impossible.  there’s so much coming out about veterans who were injured or struggled making their come backs.  then those highly touted prospects are hoping to make a good showing during the next few weeks and earn a spot on the list of twenty-five that will break camp.

my little league team had it’s first practice this past saturday … it’s like our spring training.  the rest of the teams don’t officially get determined until the third week of march, but i have so many returning players that we got an early start.  they didn’t look too bad.  i was surprised by some of the boys who’s voices have started to change.  they disappear for three months and come back taller, stronger, and with more attitude.  now i just have to direct them and teach them some of the finer skills.

the SPBL has finalized it’s eight owners for the inaugural season and will be having our auction in just three weeks.  it’s amazing how fast it’s coming.  it’ll be a lot of fun and i’m sure i’ll be giving tidbits here about all that’s going on over there.  would be cool to see it expand and get some of you guys into it for future seasons!

if you haven’t seen the following “how to” videos, my son told me to check these out … they were hilarious.  i hope you enjoy the following!


Posted 02/28/2011 by rick in Statis Pro

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