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it’s been a crazy last few months.  it always is this time of year.  i’m involved in two dynasty leagues that play online and now the start up statis pro league that uses the statis pro advanced game.  combine that with my son playing baseball (senior in high school), coaching little league baseball (we started at the end of february) and lots of family stuff going on which included my stepson spending two weeks in the hospital … it’s been a bumpy road for the last three or four months.  man, i sound busy … even to me!

most of my work has been geared towards getting the first ever Statis Pro Baseball League (SPBL for short) up and running.  to my knowledge there isn’t any other statis pro league that plays there games online.  actually, i’m not even sure how many other statis pro leagues are even in existence.  i know of one in canada (no details) and i’ve heard rumors of one in florida, but that one has yet to be confirmed.

[note:  IF there are other statis pro leagues out there, let me know and i’ll get your info up on the site.  might help you in recruiting new members!]

anyway … the SPBL is a 40 game season with eight teams in the league.  we’re using the 1974 season and just finished our auction and minors drafting.  our actual season is set to kick off May 1st.  it’s going to be an exciting season as most are new to playing a board game online.  i started an online league (using a tabletop baseball game) 13 years ago.  i was told it couldn’t be done.  to my knowledge, i was the first to attempt it and there are many others that have sprouted up over the years.  there’s just something special about the feel of the cards, the roll of the dice, and of course a live opponent.  don’t get me wrong, playing solo can have it’s own entertainment and can be an escape from reality, but there’s just something cool about trying to outwit an opponent rather than yourself.

i’ve never been much for computer simulated games either.  whether it’s my lack of finger/thumb dexterity or the, oft-times, unrealistic statistical results … the games just don’t do much for me.  God bless those that are into all of the EA Sports games (it’s in the game, as they say).  i’m just not one of them.  i just love playing tabletop baseball.

and for all of those reasons i’ve just listed, playing online in a chat room against a live opponent and using a dice roller mechanism that’s built into AIM just makes it incredibly special.  my dynasty league has already begun it’s 13th season and all total have played approximately 8,500 games online.  that’s proof that this works.

so the next step was to bring back statis pro.  i like the Advanced version put out by derrick beckner, but there are several other statis pro card creators that are just as good!  brian yonushonis has done an awesome job creating seasons in the classic SP style.  brett johnston has done the same.  george nebesnik has created dice baseball (a cousin of the old statis pro) and has a great following.  i’ve heard nothing but praise for the quality and customer service for each of these guys.  so no matter what your flavor, you really can’t go wrong.

now with statis pro making it’s comeback in a myriad of ways, the next thing to do was move the game into a league.  as i found with my dynasty league, there just isn’t a HUGE following of tabletop baseball.  the easiest way for me to find opponents was to search online.  so i did that with SPA.  we started organizing in late November and now we’re about to kick off our inaugural season.  it’s going to be a total blast and i hope you’ll follow along as the season unfolds.  i’m predicting tons of fun, tons of exciting games, and proof that statis pro will succeed in the online league environment.



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