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the SPBL (statis pro baseball league) began its first season last night when the Brooklyn Beez travelled to Oregon to take on the Portland Beavers.  using the 1974 season, the Beavers sent lefty Steve Carlton to the hill.  he would be facing a lineup that boasted of Lopes, Stargell, Aaron, and Rudi and quickly discovered that he didn’t have what he would need.

the Beez jumped to an early lead when Hammerin’ Hank crushed a two out double to the gap that plated Pops Stargell from first base.  Brooklyn threatened in the second and third innings, too.  but it was the fourth where the floodgates were opened and Carlton was chased from the game.  catcher, Manny Sanguillen, led off with a single and moved to second when Graig Nettles singled to right.  Maddox flew out to right for the first out.  Sutton laid down a great bunt down the third base line to move the runners up.  with men at second and third and two outs the Beez were back at the top of their lineup.  Lopes singled to bring in Sanguillen.  Campaneris tripled to clear the bases.  Pops doubled.  Aaron and Rudi both singled to plate two more runs.  before the fans could finish their hot dogs Brooklyn had taken a 6-0 lead.

Sutton coasted.  after a lead off single to Pete Rose in the first inning he just went his business.  three up and three down after Rose’s first inning single.  Then the next two innings went even quicker.  the Beavers got a one out double in the fourth, but couldn’t move him past third.  Portland was able to lace two hits in the sixth, but again, left them stranded.  when the game was over the Beavers only had five hits and had stranded all of them.

an opening day, five hit, shut out performance from Don Sutton that tied him with Stargell for opening day star of the game.  Pops went 4-5 with a single, two doubles, a triple, scored three times and had 1 RBI.

BRO 100 500 001 - 7 17 0
POR 000 000 000 - 0  5 0

BRO: Sutton (W) 9.0; Sanguillen 4.0, Lemont 5.0
POR: Carlton (L) 3.2, Hargan 2.1, Hands 2.0, Wallace 1.0; Munson 9.0

Sanguillen was injured on a foul tip and will be out 14 days.

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statis pro baseball league   1 comment

i played a spring training game last night.  my Brooklyn Beez took on the Roswell UFOs.  it was a great pitcher’s duel.  it gave me a good idea of where my strengths were and what weaknesses i need to either hide or minimize.

my lineup was pretty strong (i thought).

  1. davey lopes, 2b
  2. bert campaneris, ss
  3. manny sanguillen, c
  4. willie stargell, lf
  5. joe rudi, 1b
  6. elliott maddox, cf
  7. graig nettles, 3b
  8. jesus alou, rf
  9. don sutton, p

the problem i had during the game was my opponents pitcher … vida blue.  our league is using the 1974 set of statis pro advanced and blue can dominate a game like nobody’s business.  but sutton is no slouch and we ended up with a terrific pitcher’s duel.

play ended after 12 full innings with the score still knotted at 1-1.  obviously if it were a league game we would have continued on.  since it was just spring training, we called it there to “prevent injuries”.  the game was played ONLINE in an AIM chat room and we used Skype to help move the game along.  at nine innings completed we were about 50 minutes into play.  the 12 innings lasted an hour and 15.  not bad considering there was a lot of managerial maneuvering with eight pitchers brought into the game and about ten pinch hitters.

great game and i’m really looking forward to the upcoming 40 game season.  we start play in just six days!

hey, on another note, my son got me hooked on the following videos … i hope you find this particular one as funny as i did.


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where the heck have i been?   Leave a comment

it’s been a crazy last few months.  it always is this time of year.  i’m involved in two dynasty leagues that play online and now the start up statis pro league that uses the statis pro advanced game.  combine that with my son playing baseball (senior in high school), coaching little league baseball (we started at the end of february) and lots of family stuff going on which included my stepson spending two weeks in the hospital … it’s been a bumpy road for the last three or four months.  man, i sound busy … even to me!

most of my work has been geared towards getting the first ever Statis Pro Baseball League (SPBL for short) up and running.  to my knowledge there isn’t any other statis pro league that plays there games online.  actually, i’m not even sure how many other statis pro leagues are even in existence.  i know of one in canada (no details) and i’ve heard rumors of one in florida, but that one has yet to be confirmed.

[note:  IF there are other statis pro leagues out there, let me know and i’ll get your info up on the site.  might help you in recruiting new members!]

anyway … the SPBL is a 40 game season with eight teams in the league.  we’re using the 1974 season and just finished our auction and minors drafting.  our actual season is set to kick off May 1st.  it’s going to be an exciting season as most are new to playing a board game online.  i started an online league (using a tabletop baseball game) 13 years ago.  i was told it couldn’t be done.  to my knowledge, i was the first to attempt it and there are many others that have sprouted up over the years.  there’s just something special about the feel of the cards, the roll of the dice, and of course a live opponent.  don’t get me wrong, playing solo can have it’s own entertainment and can be an escape from reality, but there’s just something cool about trying to outwit an opponent rather than yourself.

i’ve never been much for computer simulated games either.  whether it’s my lack of finger/thumb dexterity or the, oft-times, unrealistic statistical results … the games just don’t do much for me.  God bless those that are into all of the EA Sports games (it’s in the game, as they say).  i’m just not one of them.  i just love playing tabletop baseball.

and for all of those reasons i’ve just listed, playing online in a chat room against a live opponent and using a dice roller mechanism that’s built into AIM just makes it incredibly special.  my dynasty league has already begun it’s 13th season and all total have played approximately 8,500 games online.  that’s proof that this works.

so the next step was to bring back statis pro.  i like the Advanced version put out by derrick beckner, but there are several other statis pro card creators that are just as good!  brian yonushonis has done an awesome job creating seasons in the classic SP style.  brett johnston has done the same.  george nebesnik has created dice baseball (a cousin of the old statis pro) and has a great following.  i’ve heard nothing but praise for the quality and customer service for each of these guys.  so no matter what your flavor, you really can’t go wrong.

now with statis pro making it’s comeback in a myriad of ways, the next thing to do was move the game into a league.  as i found with my dynasty league, there just isn’t a HUGE following of tabletop baseball.  the easiest way for me to find opponents was to search online.  so i did that with SPA.  we started organizing in late November and now we’re about to kick off our inaugural season.  it’s going to be a total blast and i hope you’ll follow along as the season unfolds.  i’m predicting tons of fun, tons of exciting games, and proof that statis pro will succeed in the online league environment.


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statis pro baseball league seeking one more owner   Leave a comment

first come, first serve!

we need one more owner in place as we near the beginning of our league.  we’ve got nine owners in place and need ONE more.  is it YOU?

here are the basics …

  • we’ll be using statis pro advanced 1974 season for play
  • using AIM to play games ONLINE against opponents from all over
  • 44 game schedule over seven months (easy to keep up with)
  • limited player pool so the teams don’t seem like all star teams
  • teams are stocked from an auction of players (NO real money involved)

you’ve always dreamed of getting in a league … or maybe you’ve been in them, but have always wondered if a league could work with statis pro.  well, it CAN.

first person that is serious about getting in and participating gets the job.  send me an email right away!


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spring is here (kinda)   Leave a comment

this may be my favorite time of the year … spring training. the pitchers and catchers have started reporting to camps. some are showing up with their winter girth (Joba or is it Jabba?) while others have been working out for the last several months and showing up in the best shape of their lives. i’m not casting stones at all since i’m carrying my weight and the weight of several small nations in my waistband, but then again, i’m not being paid an uber salary to be an athlete.  i would LOVE to have to work out all day every day and get paid for it.  somebody PLEASE offer me that gig.

the rest of the players should start straggling in over the next week or two (or longer for those awaiting renewed visas).  they will start running, throwing long toss, and get their swings refined before the spring training games get started.  players reporting to new teams, whether through trade or via free agency will be camp highlights as well.  will the newly signed free agent turn this club around?  and then you have new managers like clint hurdle of pittsburgh.  will his style help change the laughingstock pirates back into a legitimate team to contend?  probably not this year, but who knows.

every team is hopeful.  every team believes they have a chance.  even those who are perennial losers have hope that the stars will align and key players on other teams will fall to injury.  everyone is looking to those great prospects that are slipping into camp.  who will make the cut and who will be sent packing for the minors with dreams of being called up again mid-season?

i’ve even started gathering my little league team together.  our first full practice is the 25th of this month.  we’ll be about a month ahead of the other teams.  since we’re going to be playing a level up (5th and 6th playing against 7th and 8th), it’s important to get ready early.  the kids are all excited and have been asking about practices for a couple of weeks now.  it helps that the ice and cold weather have moved out of the area.  this week has been in the mid-70s every day.

yes, it’s a great time of the year.  it’s also a time when all the roto leagues start up and people blow the dust off their favorite tabletop baseball games.  i’m very active in Dynasty League and am in two separate leagues.  i run one of them which means i’ve already been firing on all cylinders trying to get the season prepared for our annual auction.  the other league starts up about a month later … early april to be exact.   then there is the Statis Pro Baseball League.  we’re gathering the troops and putting on the final touches to our inaugural season.

now that i’ve mentioned the SPBL let me give you some update  on a couple of things.  we have 9 for sure owners in place and are trying to nail down the tenth.  we’ve got one guy who will hopefully respond today, but if he doesn’t, that means we’ll have one opening to fill.  it’ll be a 10 team league and we’ll play 44 games using the 1974 season (retro, yeah, groovy).

the other item is the 1975 AL replay … i’ve been busy with a TON of family stuff over the last couple of months, but have started playing the games again.  watch for a posting in the next week with the latest games.

i just can never get enough baseball … i trust you’re the same way.


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free agents and snow storms   Leave a comment

ahhh … the off-season can be so much fun.  we enjoyed the play offs and world series.  then came the free agent announcements that will be ongoing up until spring training and some beyond.  as we get into the middle of december the weather starts wreaking havoc around the northern united states.  i’m originally from western new york.  i MISS snow. i MISS being in the cold.  call me crazy all you want, but i do miss it.  i also miss the milder summers rather than the hot-as-hell texas summers i am forced to endure.  but the snow … it was always fun for me.  here’s a video i came across last year.  it STILL makes me laugh.  so while we wait for the Cliff Lee signing or some big trade or the latest Bigfoot (Barry Bonds) sighting, i hope you’ll enjoy this clip.

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december and there’s lots going on   Leave a comment

its december and there is a lot going on.  the holidays are here and that always puts a slowdown in the path of the ADD brain.  all these parties, get-togethers, special dinners, family gatherings … don’t these people know we’ve got tabletop baseball games to talk about and play!?  obviously not.  you would think in my 45 years those in my life would have learned my ways by now, but nope.

my wife had been out of town helping my stepdaughter who went into labor a week ago.  her water hasn’t broken, but she’s had continual back labor pains for a full week.  the hospital, a military hospital, has told her, “go home, do some walking.  if your water breaks or the contractions get worse, come back.”  but while the mrs was away, i was fully responsible for my stepson who has Duchennes MD.  that’s a monumental task that the entire family chips in to help since he is unable to do anything for himself.  but with my wife gone, all of the primary needs fell on my shoulders.  gaming came to a major slowdown for me for about a week.

this weekend is a couple of parties, some private coaching sessions, and continuing to get the brand new SPBL (statis pro baseball league) fully functional.  speaking of the SPBL, we have ONE OPENING.  first come, first serve.  the league will start in March, though the prep work is well under way.  our season will only be 50 games long and there will be plenty of time to get those done.  playing online.  it’s gonna be a blast.  you KNOW you want in.  so email me and let me know!

the 1975 AL replay had been in a major slowdown since thanksgiving.  but last night i had some time and locked myself away with the cards in front of me.  i had a blast as i went through several games and was able to conclude april 30th.  today and tomorrow i’ll get the write ups done and posted, so watch for those soon.

the next big step will be doing some analysis between april 1975 real life vs april 1975 replay.  soon, friends, soon.


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