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below are links to various things relating to Statis Pro along with a very brief description. you can thank me later.  :-)

INTERVIEWS Interview with Statis Pro Baseball creator: Jim Barnes


Statis Pro Advanced — a page about a revision and revisionist. NEW interview with Derrick Beckner. 2010 SEAON now available.

DICE Baseball
— a page about the game and creator of DICE Baseball.  NEW interview with George Nebesnik. 2010 SEAON now available.

Statis Pro Baseball Online — i’m betting this might become a hot commodity. John Goecken is currently developing an online version of SP that can be played against an opponent over the net. check out the interview i recently had with him.



Sets by Brett J — Brett Johnston sells his version which is true to the traditional AH style (no L/R splits).  his card sets range from 1899 to current.  2010 season is ready. a very reliable source said that when he received his printed cards, they were at a very good price and the quality was excellent.  he does accept paypal if you want to contact him directly.  prices are $25 or less depending on the year requested plus shipping and handling.

Sets by Brian Y — this link will prepare an email to Brian for a PDF set. he’s created sets for all seasons between 1871-2009 + Federal League teams. cost is $9 per PDF set. to my knowledge the sets use AH’s formulas and are set up to look the same as original cards. He has the 2010 set ready for purchase!

Sets by EMCLINE — this link takes you to a page where you can download (freely) the pdf files for all the sets emcline has generated.  it appears he will not be generating anymore, but then again, he’s changed his mind before.  so you just never know.
. . . seasons available:  1920, 1921, 1931, 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1953, 1954,1955, 1958, 1959, 2007, 2009

Shopping for Statis Pro Baseball— a google link that searches all sales currently found for statis pro baseball games and cards.

Want to do your own replay?the following link is a great tool for those who want to do a replay using AS PLAYED lineups.  someone has taken the time to create pre-filled in score sheets using the AS PLAYED lineups.  people are amazed at how much i get done with the little time i have.  the person who created these files must be retired.  it’s not for every season, but there are nealry 60 seasons that you can find.  whoever created this, THANK YOU!!THE LINK ABOVE SEEMS TO BE GONE, but i’ll leave it linked here just in case its only temporary (crossing my fingers).
Other links that are excellent sources of Statis Pro Baseball news and other tabletop sport game information:.. 

want info on tabletop baseball games?  the guys at have tons of information about almost every baseball game made.  check their site out.

if you’re looking for some card sets or rule variations or other items for Statis Pro Baseball, the tabletop-sports site has a ton of stuff.

here’s a tabletop baseball yahoo group.  lots of good conversation can be found.

this link is to Brett Johnston’s yahoo group.

remember the old All Star Replay Mags?  here’s a site that has a lot of that stuff.

George Nebesnik’s delphiforum has lots of information on his DICE Baseball and many other games he creates.

if you want to be in the know with Statis Pro Advanced, this link is to their forum.

this link may be my most frequented link (other than my own site).  it has tons, TONS of information about almost any tabletop sports game you can think of.

and from the DelphiForums, a great link to a huge post of revamping the original Statis Pro Baseball game.  this one may have been a catalyst.  WARNING!  there are over 500 posts on this one forum topic, but well worth the read.  it’s quite a journey from the old to the new.


below are a list of blogs that i follow and recommend:

RJL1985 – my son’s site to raise funds for a new MD treatment that could prolong his life. PLEASE consider a donation.

Not So Common Sense – the ‘right’ view of politics from a political pundit friend of mine.

Chris Ross’ Painting the Black – a site for sports enthusiasts.


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