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Hello. My name is Statis Pro Baseball. I was one of your very best friends when you were growing up. Do you remember how we used to spend endless summer days flipping and shuffling those Fast Action Cards?

I remember how your face looked when you had those games where Ryan or Carlton would strike out 16 batters in a game.

How about that game when Schmidt hit three homers in one game? And I still have a groove between first and second base when you had that Henderson kid stealing bases like crazy.

Do you remember how you would take that favorite team of yours and replay the entire season? I still wonder how you could justify some of those ridiculous trades you made, but hey, we were having fun, right?



This site is dedicated to all that is Statis Pro Baseball. I’ve recently added three interviews including one from Jim Barnes, creator of Statis Pro Baseball. The game lasted nearly two full decades in one format or the other. Now there’s a whole new breed of this game which Jim has given his blessing. Statis Pro Advanced is one such endeavor that has taken the old game to an entirely next great level of gaming. This site will explore where the game was, where it is today, and where it’s future lies.

Will the gaming industry remain alive outside of the world of video gaming? That depends on whether we’re able to reach the teens of today in order to save the games of yesterday. A very tall task with people’s continually shrinking attention span and it’s insatiable appetite for flash, pizazz, and instant gratification.

AND this site is also a hopeful to a coming league or leagues of Statis Pro fans everywhere. There are many that are new to the game and hundreds upon hundreds who will say to themselves, “Yeah, I used to play that game. I don’t know what happened to it. I wish I still had it because those were great days.” Those days are still available TODAY.

Visit here often to see the changes, updates, and articles of everything Statis Pro (Baseball).


I welcome your emails. Feel free to send me your thoughts, insights, and ideas about Statis Pro Baseball or it’s many new variants.


Posted 06/15/2010 by rick

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