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special note: all blogs that start with an asterisk * indicate the post is replay related. all posts without the asterisk will relate to statis pro baseball in general
. while getting this site up and running i started a 1975 AL replay. feel free to follow along and post your comments along the way. i’ve never before done this sort of undertaking. its been a lot of fun and i hope i don’t get too busy, too bored, or just have this train jump the tracks on the way to the conclusion (which may be as far out as 11/2012).first thing was the printing of the cards. next was to set a basic time table and set some sort of league structure. because i’m a lifelong die-hard yankee fan, i’m truly managing them. with the remaining teams i’m using the “as played” lineups found at retrosheet.org (a fantastic place to go for any baseball enthusiast). 

so what happened in 1975 in the AL? let’s take a quick look …



Replay is 11.0% complete

links to the last 10 days results:
april 21, 1975
april 22, 1975
april 23, 1975
april 24, 1975
april 25, 1975
april 26, 1975
april 27, 1975
april 28, 1975
april 29, 1975
april 30, 1975
thru games on 4/30/1975




MIL    13-3    .813     -—
BOS     9-7    .563    4.0
DET     8-8    .500    5.0
BAL     7-9    .438    6.0
NYY     8-11   .421    6.5
CLE     4-11   .267    8.5

League Batting Avg: .238

OAK    14-6    .700     -—
CHW    11-9    .550    3.0
KCR    11-9    .550    3.0
MIN     8-8    .500    4.0
CAL     7-13   .350    7.0
TEX     6-12   .333    7.0

League ERA: 3.42

Bos     95-65   .594     -—
Bal     90-69   .566    4.5
Nyy     83-77   .519   12.0
Cle     79-80   .497   15.5
Mil     68-94   .420   28.0
Det     57-102  .358   37.5

League Batting Avg: .258

MVP: Fred Lynn
Cy Young:
Jim Palmer
Rookie of the Year:
Fred Lynn


Oak     98-64   .605     -—
KC      91-71   .562    7.0
Tex     79-83   .488   19.0
Min     76-83   .478   20.5
Chi     75-86   .468   22.5
Cal     72-89   .447   25.5

League ERA: 3.78

Gold Gloves:
P: Jim Kaat
C: Thurman Munson
1B: George Scott
2B: Bobby Grich
3B: Brooks Robinson
OF: Paul Blair, Fred Lynn, Joe Rudi



Posted 07/26/2010 by rick

17 responses to “1975 AL Replay

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  1. doctor rick:
    no matter how well u manage the NYY, they should not b able 2 jump a notch in the standings, even knowing what we now know about small ball vs earl weaver offense. optimal play will only make a few games difference over a season; luck has much more influence in baseball. however, it would b great 2 compare the derrick beckner pitching staffs vs those conjured up by the original AHSPB rules. with the greater precision of modelling P staffs, he should b giving a better picture of the quality of each guy. some teams will gain, some lose a bit, but all will have their staffs a bit more accurately rated under the advanced system. extra base hits should b more accurately apportioned out with the advanced system. expect individual ERAs to vary quite a chunk from what was really achieved, because of that huge luck factor. it kept some guys’ ERA low, when luck helped them. i would love 2 c the results of this simulation–keep us posted.

    • while i don’t anticipate that i’ll be able to jump them up to 2nd place, they are my favorite team and i want some latitude to set my own lineups.

      i agree that Derrick’s formula for the pitching is huge strides better than the original sets produced by AH (and Midwest prior to ’79). no matter how you slice it, this is going to be a fun season to replay. thanks for the great comments and feel free to come back often. sign up at the left of your screen and you’ll get notices of all updates. any posting with an * will indicate it’s regarding the ’75 replay.


  2. dr chief:
    it was great 2 c the name of fran healy pop up in the KC game. he was great as an announcer in a rain delay, especially VERSUS scooter, who would argue that a shortstop is the field leader. here is a mystery: who is the other fran healy listed in my BBencyclopedias? from the same town as this fran healy? y do my books not list them as being in the same family? i love controversy.

  3. Curt- The Fran Healy you are talking about is the younger Healy’s uncle.

  4. How come CLE only has 7 games and OAK has 14

    • that’s just how the crazy real life schedule has worked from 1975. there was a spot in early april where the Indians had 4 consecutive days off WITH NO RAIN OUTS!! that’s just how it was scheduled. i’m using the actual “as played” schedule along with the “as played” lineups. it’s crazy. i think the Indians ended up with 18 double headers during the season. something you’d NEVER see in today’s baseball.


  5. That is strange. You would only ever see 1 day off now except for all star break and NEVER a scheduled DH

    • i just double checked … the Indians played 17 double headers in 1975. of those, 11 were scheduled and 6 were the results of rain out make up games. like i said, it’s crazy how they did things. i’ve updated the win/loss column on the ’75 replay page now, too. there have been a total of 74 replay games played so far this season.


  6. I just reread my last post and what I meant to say is that you would never see more than 1 day off.

    I have never played SP, I have played PTP for 25 years. Is there a pdf of instructions I can look at?

    • my first baseball game was statis pro. i moved to pursue the pennant in 1986 and stayed with it until they went under. i switched to dynasty league and play a lot of that even today. i’m commissioner of a 16 team league that has just finished our 12th season (playoffs are about to start). it’s only in the last couple of years that i’ve re-discovered statis pro, and more specifically, statis pro advanced. if you go HERE, you should be able to find the information you’re seeking (near the bottom is a zip file with rules). derrick beckner does a great job with the customer service (actually all the guys that i support with links have great C.S.) along with a quality product. i hope that helps give you some idea of my background and a little more about the SP game i’m playing.


  7. you need some one to do a NL replay at the same time

  8. I’m playing a 1972 season with a different game system and like it quite a bit. I’m thinking that I should design a website like this for my season.

    I used to play statis pro when I was a kid (along with Strat O Matic and Sher Co). I think I still have statis pro somewhere at my moms house. I wouldn’t mind replaying the 1948 Indians season on it.

    • thanks for the kind comments, Jim. i started this site to bring back Statis Pro Baseball as a major game in the tabletop industry. and that’s a difficult task being that there isn’t a game company that owns or sells it. instead it’s got several folks that have kept it alive by creating and even improving the game.

      i don’t make any money off this, i don’t get any kick backs from those that are generating the newer sets. i just love the game and want people to know there are alternatives to Dynasty League, Strat, APBA, and others.

      as i’ve posted in a blog, tabletop baseball is a dying game, and i want to do my best to make sure it doesn’t give up without a fight. i’ve played many games and am still very active in the Dynasty League realm.

      in the process of creating this site, i also wanted to test out one of the newest versions of the game, Statis Pro Advanced. doing a retro league replay gave me a great chance to test it out for playability and statistical accuracy. i can tell you right now the playability is great. statistically speaking, though, i won’t determine that until i’m finished with the replay. but i’m liking everything about the game.

      i would HIGHLY encourage you to go dig out the game or drop a very small amount of bucks to get a PDF one of the latest card sets and give it a fresh try. coming from a dynasty league background (HEAVILY played for the last 16 years), it’s not as in depth, but the playability, accuracy, and a lot of features make this game absolutely as good as any on the market.


  9. dr chief:
    on your league leaders board, under pitching wins, u have hunter and splitorff each listed twice, with differing values!

  10. Statis pro was a big part of my youth would sit and play the 1985 version for hours replaying the RedSox season . Loved keeping the stats and filling out the score sheet and would call the action as it unfolded as the cards dictated had so much fun I would just randomly play games without the internet to print out the full schedule. I lost my statis pro game over the years between moves and earl weaver and video game baseball but there is something about having a pen in hand recording every play to the score sheet. Playing the game in my head as I could picture Jim Rice comming up to bat with men on second and third and being quick to look to see if Boggs would be able to score on a single to right with Windfield’s T5 throwing arm . Some times it was hard to stay true to the cards but did becuase winning is fun but it was mostly about playing and recording the stats over the course of the season. If it was raining I always had statis pro there before we got NESN would play while listening to the games on the radio. While playing I could here the TV voices of the Sox Ned Martin and Bob Montgermy loved those summer days and nights always played alone though would have loved to have managed against another player. My a few years ago for my birthday bought me a new Statsi Pro Baseball the 1979 version it just felt better having the game in the house recently pulled it out print the 79 schedule and began playing its still fun would love to play in a face to face league or and online are there any leagues using 1979 version please contact me christopher.gregory@comcast.net

  11. My wife bought me the game for my birthday

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